Fotor Photo Editor App : Know It’s Features| Is It Free?


Are you a social butterfly who always keeps her feed up to date? Or Are you a guy who loves to click and edit picture? Do you love to click photo and edit them? If you love all these things which I just said then You are in a right place and at a right time. Today, I want to Introduce you with a latest photo editing app i.e. Fotor Photo Editor app which holds the ability to fulfill all of your editing dreams in one tap.

If you are interested to know every single detail about this app from editing to effect then read this article till the end.


What Is Fotor Photo Editor App?

As the name suggests, Fotor is a photo editing app which was released in 2012. This app is available for both Desktop and smartphone users. Moreover, you can use it in your windows, Mac, iOS or Android. As Everything is going digital these days and people are using social media more day by day. One can’t go without clicking a picture. Clicking picture is a new hobby and uploading them in social media is other way to flaunt it. But, But, But

We don’t really upload our pictures directly into social networking sites, Am I right? 😉 Every person do certain changes before uploading a picture. From putting filters to removing blemishes, a person changes the things which he/she wants to. Now, with Fotor photo editor you can make your this dream possible. Fotor photo editor will make your picture looks perfect from every point.


Fotor Photo Editor App Is Free?

If you are asking to me that it is free or not than I’ll say it is 50% free and it does need 50% payment. What does it mean? I know you’re confused. Let me explain it briefly.

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The maker’s of Fotor Photo Editor app are quite smart and played well. They have provided the app for free of cost. But here is a twist! They don’t give all of the features of app in free. Some of the features of Fotor photo editor are free while others features require payment to use it. This method is greatly used by other editing app like PicsArt and more, to make profit and engage the user by providing free services.

Additionally, If you want to go Pro for Fotor editing app you have to pay $8.99 per month.

What Are the Features of Fotor Photo Editor App?


The first and foremost feature of this Fotor photo editor app is Editing. With the help of this app you can edit your pictures as per your needs. They offer quite good quality of effects with great variation.

To edit your photos you have to first choose one picture which you want to edit. Inside this, you’ll get various elements which you can use in your photos to enhance them and make them look attractive. In the next section, we have mentioned some of the elements which will help you in creating a perfect edited picture –


There are different kinds of effect which are available for you and I must add here some of them are really worth it. My personal favorites are L1, L2 and L4. Moreover, the good thing to note here is that, you are getting half of them in free. Yes, you heard it right some of the effects are freely available to you whereas others need pro version. But still the free one will not disappoint you.


Sadly, if you don’t go PRO you can’t have this one. This Element require the pro version and is not available for free. By using this function you can automatically enhance your images accordingly.


This feature if Fotor photo editor app will help you to adjust your pictures according to your needs. This section has a lot of things that you can actually use for free. The free elements involves features like Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation, Sharpness, Vignette, Highlight, Shadow, Level, Temperature, Tint, Color balance, Curve.


This one is another, very widely used feature of this app. Focus will help you to turn your pictures like a professionally clicked one, Sounds Interesting? Wanna know how it works? Just look at this picture which is firstly looks normal vs when came in contact with this feature .

Fotor photo editor app


Background by fotor photo editor app

Have you seen your favorite celebrity uses background into their photos? If you have then you surely wanted to do it too. Through the Fotor photo editor app you can actually add beautiful background into your photos. The free version have less background but they are still good. If you wanted to have more unique background then they are available to you through buying the PRO version.

The background of the above picture is made up by Fotor Photo editor app. How does it looks? Do let me know in the comment section.


Have you always wanted to add text in your pictures? Don’t worry my friend, we, at Keeperfacts will make your wish come true. Fotor will help you to add text in your pictures for free.

Moreover, you can add text in different style with different color.


Frame your pictures using different kinds of frame, which you can choose from the frame option. Here a lot of designs are available for free and some of them do required the pro version in order to access it.

In the picture attached below, I have added the frame of recording through Fotor photo editor app, How it is? Do you like it?

Frame by Fotor photo editor app


Collage using the app

If you also wanted to make collage like this 👆 then you can make it through going to the Collage section. You just have to select the photos which you wants to put on your collage.

Furthermore, you can also have a use various designs which are available to you. Take a design from the collage section and add more perfection into your pictures. Also, if you are in a relationship then make your girlfriend/boyfriend feel special, Wondering how?

With Fotor Photo editor app, you can make beautiful collages to surprise him/her. Fotor app have a different section of cute romantic collage. I have attached one for you so that you can have an idea how it will look.☺️

Couples picture using Fotor Photo Editor App

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What Are the Review of This App Fotor Photo Editor?

If you are someone who checks the review of any app before downloading it then let me tell you this app have 4.7 rating in app store and 4.5 rating in the play store.

Additionally, we have mentioned some of the feedback of the people which will help you to have more deep knowledge about the Fotor photo editor app –

Mckenzie Geir

“I’ve used this app for years and I love it!!! I have a professional photography company and I use this app for everything! Kinda wish they would add photo touchups. Like for portraits or an object removal. But this app is my go to for everything and I recommend it to everyone! Honestly couldn’t imagine using anything else!”

Loren clemens

“It’s a useful app to have in your photo editing tool kit. Of particular note are good collage options for combining photos, whether you like super basic layouts or preset themes.”

Mike B

“I’ve noticed and the exact time / date might be sketchy – and it seems that everyone who reviewed it before the end of June / July gave it excellent reviews and now the majority of recent reviewers have given it poor reviews… The reason no doubt is down to the fact 3 ‘tools’ are now in the Pro version… Does it not make more sense to have glowing reviews rather than a host of bad ones? As a result of your somewhat “non-plus” reply I shall be removing Fotor from my tablet….”

John albert Villanueva

“It says in the google that I can remove unwanted objects, but I don’t see any features in the app that will remove unwanted objects. So disappointed.. Uninstalling.”

Frequently asked questions

Is Fotor really free?

Fotor is not a free app but you can still use some of their features for free and they are really good. For using it fully you have to take monthly subscription of this app.

Is Fotor Photo Editor safe?

Yes, this app is 100% safe to use. Also this app have 4.78 ratings for windows, So you can believe this app to be safe place. Moreover, the rating of Fotor is one of the highest and which makes it one of the best ranked photo editing app.

How do you save photos on Fotor?

After editing your photos, you have to click on the option save which is placed on the upper right corner of the screen. You can also upload your photo directly into whichever Social networking site you want like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and more