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Forensic Files 2: Paul Dowling Is Handling After The Death of Peter Thomas!!

Forensic Files is also known as the Medical Detective. It is an American documentary kind Television program. The concept of the show is quite simple, it shows the working of forensic science, how they find the criminals with a single cell.

The show is broadcasted on the TLC for the first time. Major names behind the show are Peter Thomas and Peter Dean( show narrators). It runs from about 1996 to 2011 with a total of 405 episodes.

The good design of the plotline is an obvious reason why the rank obtained by the Forensic is high, it got 8.8/10IMDb and 7.1/10Rating Graph.  Aforementioned the last episode airs in 2011, the show got renewed for the second installment on February 23, 2020.

Creators took around nine years to give us a follow-up. The major reason behind this long run is the death of one of the show’s narrator name Peter Thomas. After the death of Peter, Paul Dowling comes forward to handle the key of the show in his hands. The major name behind the revival of the series is Dowling.

Forensic Files 2 has a total of sixteen episodes with the same concept of the plotline. This time the series is dispatched by the HLN. Each episode is around twenty-two minutes long.

Forensic Files 2

Where We Can Watch Forensic Files 2?

HLN is the platform where you can watch sixteen episodes of Forensic Files 2. They also said that the-  Forensic Files II “exceeded expectations and was an unequivocal hit among viewers.”

Now many might be wondering whether the series is available on other streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Well, yes! You can stream on the aforementioned names but need to keep your subscription updated.

Do Audiences Love The Season Second?

Honestly speaking there is a number of viewers who find the work of the narrator a bit messy and off-beat. Many of them are saying that the show is complete garbage with tons of missing things in it.

This is not meant to insult the new narrator, but it’s not the same without Peter Thomas. His voice was so smooth, and his style so recognizable. The new narrator simply lacks that “something”, making watching this new version a bit strained and simply not as enjoyable. While the true-crime stories are still interesting, what really made this show special was the voice of Peter Thomas.

Fans are missing the old narrator 🙁 and his amazing story…

Well,  the fans are not happy with the concept of the new narrator. The unfavorable reviews from the audience directly going to affect the rating of Forensic Season 2.

Official Teaser For The Second Part of Forensic Files

For those who haven’t seen the actual teaser for the second installment then here we have a video for you. Watch this and enjoy, but don’t forget to tell us about the teaser!!

Wrap-Up Lines

The second installment is renewed by the HLN, look what Ken Jautz executive vice president of CNN and Owner of HLN said on the renewal- “We are thrilled to continue our association with what is still the most iconic brand in the genre.”

HLN put a lot of effort into the additional season but the audience is not happy with the series because promptly the commands of the narration are in the hand of Paul Dawling after the death of Peter Thomas.

The ratings are not counted by the rating scales at this time, when we get the ratings we will drop them in a new section in the identical post. Do you have any queries related to the same? Then Comment Down!!!

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