Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be the Leading Star in This Season?

A new episode of Floor Is Lava is on the way. On Monday, May 9, Netflix released the first trailer for Season 2 of Floor Is Lava, premieres on June 3.

There are numerous obstacle courses in Season 2 of Floor Is Lava where teams must try to avoid the “lava” below. A massive and highly slippery volcano will appear in the upcoming episodes, with Netflix promising “greater hurdles, more stakes, and increasingly hotter lava.” By the looks of the trailer, conquering that volcano will be a near-impossible challenge.

All five 30-minute episodes of Season 2 of Floor Is Lava will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, June 3. View the Season 2 trailer for Floor Is Lava.

The Release Date of Floor Is Lava Season 2

floor is lava season 2

The following are some of the trailer’s highlights: According to a confident player, lava will only be struck by her sweat. After that, we see her sinking into the molten rock. Her endeavor, after all, landed on it! Another player makes their way to the top of the volcano and exclaims, “Oh, God! “It’s got lava on my face!” it appeared as though his face was in danger. Physical comedy gold may be found in watching players fall and slide down the volcano.

The first season of Floor Is Lava was released in June of 2020 and became an instant smash on the streaming service. For the first two weeks after its premiere, it was the most-watched show on Netflix in the United States. Allowing users to unleash their inner child, the children’s game inspired the series.

For the first time, viewers will know when the second season of Floor Is Lava will premiere in April 2021.

A. Smith & Co. Productions are behind the show’s production. Among the executive producers are Arthur Smith, Frank Sinton, Anthony Storm, Brian Smith, and Caroline Baumgard. In addition, Haymaker’s executive producers, Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath, serve as producers (West).

Season 2 of Floor Is Lava premieres on Netflix on Friday, June 3.


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Members of the Cast and Creative Team


This year’s competition has a massive, incredibly slick volcano as a brand-new feature. The challenges, stakes, and lava temperature have all been increased in Floor is Lava 2. “Be wary!”

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Floor Is Lava season 1 was Netflix’s most-watched title in the United States two weeks after its premiere.


floor is lava season 2

Season 2 of Floor Is Lava has arrived, and it’s packed with new challenges and new teams. The additional hurdles and the slick volcano offer an exciting and challenging journey. While trying to avoid the lava pits, the players face off against one other in an intense race to the finish line.

Season 2’s “Roof Is Lava” Chambers


Creative design teams behind the obstacle course “rooms” of “Floor is Lava” is to blame for a significant portion of its success. Season 1 of HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition put contestants to the test in a dizzying array of bizarre interiors, including basements, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and even planetariums. Executive producers Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath spoke extensively with Clint Worthington of Vulture about how they came up with their set ideas and what it takes to bring them to life.

Eyal and McGrath drew influence from “theme parks and adventure films” and video games when imagining a natural history museum that allowed players to “do all the things that you could never do at a real museum.” free-for-all. Over time, this evolved into “a mansion with variously themed rooms, all of which are connected because they are all soaked by lava.”

Netflix’s global fan event, Tulum, featured an entirely new set that star Evan Rachel Wood likened to the one from Mike Flanagan’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” even though the show’s makers haven’t revealed anything about the architecture of Season 2’s rooms. Using Tudum’s haunting set as an example, the show will be stepping up its game when it comes to curating its themes in Season 2.

“There’s a warehouse out there someplace in the world that’s like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark [and] we’re hoping we can sort of unlock that and open up those containers and bring them back.” So far, Season 2 sounds like a charmingly absurdist mix of moody interiors and “adventure films.”

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floor is lava season 2

It’s Possible Netflix Canceled the Show

According to Variety, ‘Floor Is Lava’ has been resurrected for a second season. Production begins later this summer, and the series returns in 2022. In the year 2021, on April 21,

Is Lava Filmed on the Ground or Above?

City of Burbank, CA
The show is filmed in a now-defunct IKEA in Burbank, CA. Multiple studios in Hollywood turned down the opportunity to host the show because they were concerned about the show’s uncleanliness. Only a few crew members are privy to the lava’s precise formulation.


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The red mud on the Floor is Lava departs from Nickelodeon’s long-standing green slime. In an interview with Fast Company, producer Irad Eyal revealed that the lava was slime. According to Newsweek, it’s a kind of slime.

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