Flaked Season 3 | Release Date | Trailer | Cast And More

Created by 5 times Emmy award winner Will Arnett, Flaked is a comedy-drama series of America. The show revolves around a man named Chip who is trying hard to recover from Alcoholism.

Produced by Will Arnett and Mark Chappell, the series made its debut on March 11, 2016. Season 1 ran for 8 episodes on Netflix. The series is well received and created a massive fan-following. Subsequently, Netflix renewed the series for season 2 that premiered on June 2, 2017. Season 2 ran for 6 episodes on Netflix.

Now, the fans have started having itching for season 3. Well, below are the updates regarding Flaked season 3.

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The Release Date of Flaked Season 3. When Will It Premiere?

Flaked Season 3

Flaked’ season 2 hit the screen on June 2, 2017. It’s been more than three years, and fans are still waiting for the renewal of the series for the third installment. Usually, Netflix renews its series for the next installment after 2-3 weeks of concluding the previous season. And Flaked is not renewed so far. So what does it means?

Will ‘Flaked’ Return for a Season 3?

We have to consider few things before answering this question. First, the viewership. Well, the series got a mixed response from fans and critics. Critics did not receive the show with pleasure.

They called it “Dull and pointless. Now the people are bored with the cliche concept of man-child persona. Therefore, fans are less in comparison to critics. Moreover, Season 1 consists of 8 episodes while season 2 consist of 6 that is 2 episode less. It means that Netflix had reduced the funding for season 2.

And now, the renewal of the third season is taking so much time. Three years have passed, and still no official news from Netflix. The streaming giant never takes this much time to renew the series if it has the intention of renewing the series.

So, considering the above factors, there are the least chances of the series to come back. We should keep our hopes low regarding season 3 of the series.

Well, we will update this section, if we hear any news regarding the renewal of the Flaked season 3.

The Cast of Flaked Season 3. Who Will We See In It?

Flaked Season 3

Netflix has not revealed the potential cast for season 3. However, the main characters will return for sure.

  • Will Arnett as Chip
  • David Sullivan as Dennis
  • Ruth Kearney as London/Claire
  • George Basil as “Cooler” or John

The Plot of Flaked. What To Expect from Season 3?

The series rotates around two-man, Chip and Dennis. They were best friends. They are alcoholics and trying to recover from Alcoholism so that they can live a normal life. Due to their addiction, they could not do anything properly. To leave their bad habit, they became Alcoholics Anonymous group. They move to the house of the mother of Dennis at Venice in Los Angeles. They both work there, Chip as a carpenter, and Dennis as a sommelier.

Flaked Season 3

Soon Chip became popular in the Alcoholics Anonymous group for recovering fast. He made his reputation as a guy who helped people and did not take alcohol. However, in reality, he was nothing like that. He continued to drink alcohol and had an offensive character.

He was selfish and considered his masculinity above everything. He always had eyes on Dennis’s Girlfriends. He used to pick them up for pleasure.

But ultimately, Chip fell in love with Kara, one of Dennis’s girlfriends. She was a waitress in London. Due to Kara, the relationship between Chip and Denis became intricate. As the series progress, it depicted the love triangle of Denis, Kara, and Chip.

Though the showrunners have not revealed the plot for Flaked season 3, we assume that the series will further show the complex relationship of the trio. As we saw, Chip started to change because of Kara. We will see, how it impacts the relationship between Denis and Kara. Season 3 will be intriguing to watch if ever made.

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Is there any trailer available for Flaked Season 3?

No, the showrunners have not officially renewed the series for a second helping so far. Therefore, You cannot think of a trailer at least for a while. You have to wait longer to see the trailer of a teaser of Flaked season 3.

What is the IMDB rating of Flaked series?

Viewers loved the comedy-drama. It scored a very well rating of 7.2 out of 10.

Where can we watch Flaked series?

The drama is streaming on Netflix to watch.

Final verdict

The series is the normal story of two alcoholics who is trying to recover from alcoholism. The story is based on the life experienced by the lead actor, creator, and producer, Will Arnett. The creators have tried to infuse comedy in the show but failed to do so. The storyline is quite a cliche, and the execution of the script is disastrous. Overall, not everybody liked the series. The series is for some viewers with that taste. Moreover, the series has objectified the women.

Are you one of the fans or critics? Do let me know in the comment section.

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