Fix AMD Graphics Card Not Recognized in Device Manager

Last Updated: January 30, 2022

Are you struggling and enquire, “why your pc or laptop cannot detect your graphics card in the device manager?” Here I explain the different methods to get rid of the issue.

AMD is an American company that is widely popular for graphics cards across the globe. It is one first choice for gamers to buy a graphic card from a reliable company. They provide good quality graphics cards, but there are situations when some problems can occur. Today, I am here to troubleshoot the problem of no AMD graphics card not detected in the device manager issue.

Fix AMD Graphics Card Not Recognized in Device Manager

Before moving down the solution, I would like to let you know the cause of the issue. There are as follows:-

  • Laptop not detecting AMD graphics card – This issue is normally reported for laptop users.
  • AMD graphics card not detected windows 10 – This issue occurs mainly because of two reasons either your graphic card does not connect properly, or your driver is not updated. In simple words, the driver is not compatible.
  • Graphics card not detected in Device Manager, BIOS – Several users encounter the problem, Device manager does not show the graphics card. This issue occurs when you install the wrong driver for your graphic card. In the case of bios, We face the problem because of the connectivity of graphic cards.

The Device Manager on Windows is the center of all the things installed on your machine(laptop or pc ). It reflects every device connected to your machine(laptop or pc). You can review the state of your drivers(version). You also get to know whether your graphic card is connected or not. Sometimes, graphic cards or other devices do not display in the Windows device manager due to the above reason(like incompatible drivers for the system). This problem that graphic card users encounter mostly, whether it is using Nvidia or AMD. If we talk about the numbers, yes, AMD graphics card users lament more about this issue. It is not a titanic problem, You can fix it with ease, following the steps correctly.

What Can Do if the AMD Graphics Card Is Not Recognized?

It is a software problem related to drivers. In few cases, it occurs due to improper connection of graphic card in your system. Here I have discussed All the software methods to fix the issue. Go through the different ways, BOOM! Your issue gets resolved.

Make Sure Your System Has the Latest Version of the Windows 10 Operating System.

Microsoft releases updates of the Windows 10 operating system regularly, which increases its performance by reducing the no bugs. Your computer must be running on the freshest version of window 10. It is one of the reasons why you encounter the problem all of a sudden. Here is the step to update the driver.

  • Press the Start button of your machine(laptop or pc), present at the bottom-left corner of your device.
  • Click on the Settings (gear icon present just above the power button in your window panel).
  • A pop-up window opens, click on the last option Update and Security icon.
  • Select the Windows Update option present on the tab in the sidebar (present in the form of Circular arrows)
  • Check for the updates. If there is an update available, it will automatically embark on the downloading.

Once your computer on, working on the latest version, check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

If not, then it is a driver compatibility issue and moves down the further step to fix.

You Have to Uninstall the Current Graphics Driver

  1. Click on the Windows key on your keyboard present in the bottom left corner.
  2. Type the device manager in the search field and press enter key.
  3. Click on the Display Adapters(6th or 7th option). Select the graphic card model and then right-click to choose the properties.
  4. Right-click on the graphic card gives you an option of uninstalling, update. Click Uninstall, tick the check box to exclude the driver software.
  5. After the uninstall process over, restart your system and do not allow any permission to reinstall the drivers (ask by window 10) automatically.

It is the first step toward the resolution of the issue. The second step is to install the compatible drivers so that the graphic card can operate its all functionality.

Fix AMD Graphics Card Not Recognized in Device Manager

Install the Drivers in Compatibility Mode and From an Authentic Source

  1. Go to chrome and search for the official website and download the driver, Afers the download finish, save the driver on your local disc.
  2. Press right click Right-click on the exe file of the driver and click on the Properties.
  3. Choose the Compatibility mode from the option.
  4. Tick the option and Run this program in Compatibility mode. You have to select the updated operating system.
  5. It took time to install the driver. As soon as the installation complete, check the functioning of the graphic card. Boom! You come to know your issue get resolve.

If your problem still does not solve. You have to install the previous version of AMD. We have to do this because your card is not compatible with the latest version of AMD. Follow the next step mention below to get rid of the issue.

Install the Latest Version of AMD Drivers

The graphic card in your device does not support the old AMD driver. You have to download the latest drivers for your device to fix the problem.

First, you have to uninstall all the previous AMD Before you latest version of it.

Once you deleted the AMD driver from your system, go to chrome and type the AMD driver, click on the first link and download the latest AMD drivers for your graphics card. While selecting the driver, be sure to choose the recent version. If you are not sure or do not know how to download the latest version from the given website, you can use the third-party method, which automatically allows you to update.

Third-party installation is valuable in terms of protection and correct installation.

Driver fx will help you with the automatic installation. Here is the step to work into action.

Fix AMD Graphics Card Not Recognized in Device Manager

Firstly, you have to Download the DriverFix from chrome and install it on your pc.

  1. Start the software.
  2. Wait for DriverFix to discover all the faulty drivers, not just only AMD.
  3. The application will now reflect all the defective drivers, and you have to click it to fix them. It will automatically resolve the issue.
  4. Sit back and relax for a while to download and install the latest drivers or compatible driver.
  5. Once the process gets completed, Restart the PC, and you get to know that your issue gets .resolved

Hardware Issue

If your issue still does not resolve, then definitely suggest there is a hardware issue. You have to follow the step to get fixed.

  • Turn off your machine. Remove the AMD graphics card from your machine, then with proper instruction (given on youtube) you have to reinsert it.
  • When you extract the graphic card, you can check on different pc whether the graphic card is working or not.


The problem of the graphics card was not detected in the device manager issue is not a serious issue. You have to follow the step in a proper manner, and it’s easy to get resolved. Sometimes it becomes quite frustrating when you are not able to fix it due to missing some instruction. Here you will get all the instructions in a well-efined manner that will definitely resolve the issue.

We love to hear feedback from you. How much we are helpful to you. If you want to drop any query or suggestion, Just drop a comment in the comment box.

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