Five Bedrooms Season 3 Ending Explained: All the Updates Are Here!

Australian comedy-drama Five Bedrooms premiered on Network 10 in the United States. The first of the eight episodes aired on May 15, 2019, at 8:40 p.m. On April 15, 2020, the show began to stream on Peacock in the US.

Michael Lucas was the creator of this Australian comedy-drama television programme, and Peter Templeman, Faria Abboud, Shirley Barrett, Corrie Chen, and Fiona Banks were the directors. This series has a 7.7/10 rating, which is a very positive response.

Overview of Five Bedrooms Season 1

In the first episode, five single people buy a house together and quickly encounter difficulties raising a makeshift family as people from various backgrounds who share only the home they are moving into. In the second episode, Heather struggles to resist her want to go back home as Ben, Ashley, Harry, and Liz start their housewarming celebration.

All of the housemates are prepared to throw Ben out of the house in the third season when rules are broken and complaints are made. In the upcoming episode, it is revealed that Liz drowns her grief in solitude, Harry develops feelings for his cop neighbor, Pete, and Ben, and Heather‘s housemates deal with a crisis.

Five Bedrooms Season 3 Ending Explained

Afterward, in Four Mates The housemates settle their differences for Mia‘s visit after Heather throws a surprise party. However, the family is constantly sick from food poisoning. Additionally, we see that Ainsley, Heather, Ben, Liz, and Harry have made the decision to list their home for sale in the season’s penultimate and final episode. The inebriated joke has become true.

Overview of Five Bedrooms Season 2

The gang’s plan to purchase a new home is derailed in the first episode when Liz runs into her ex-husband and his girlfriend, Ben tries to get Heather to live with him, and Harry tries to embrace his new, openly “gay and out loud” status.

After Melanie, Lachlan’s ex, wrecks Ainsley‘s plans for a gender reveal party, Harry and Liz decide to start dating and encourage one another to go out every Saturday. Afterward, in the third episode, Ben is forced to resort to drastic methods as a result of an accident, and Harry finally confesses his new love to the group.

Five Bedrooms Season 3 Ending Explained

Harry wants to invite his new lover to his family’s Diwali party but ends up triggering a catastrophe in Five Wishes High on Love. Heather won’t confess that she finds it difficult to maintain control of the situation.

In episode five, Heather loses her composure in the face of a workplace bullying accusation, jeopardizing her entire career; Ainsley grows more attracted to Simmo.

Next, we can observe that when Ainsley inadvertently inquires about the roommates’ opinions on private schools, all the cracks are revealed; Harry tries to patch things up with Liz. After that, Harry, who is struggling in his open relationship, leaves a run of incredibly terrible voicemails on his boyfriend’s phone; Heather learns about a prospective new career; and Liz gets an unexpected gift from Stuart.

The household dynamic is threatened in the season finale when an unexpected decision is made, which comes at the worst possible time for the roommates.

Overview of Five Bedrooms Season 3

Ben chooses to start a bed-and-breakfast business with the whole household depending on him; he feels the pressure but rises to the challenge until his teen daughter shows up. The following episode follows. Harry discovers that his life has once again come to a complete stop when Liz (Kat Stewart) returns from her studies in the UK.

The third instalment Heather’s world is turned upside down when she learns of Ben’s (Steve Peacocke) betrayal because she has a major exam coming up and there are whispers that a marriage proposal may be on the horizon.

The following episode Following her success in the UK, Liz is courted by prestigious law firms, including the one where her ruthlessly ousted employer once worked. To give her a partner, he wants to host a gala in her honor.

Ainsley experiences her first committed relationship in the upcoming episode. She worries that things are moving too quickly and that Simmo might make a proposal. Heather is merely tolerating Ben in the sixth episode.

By accident, she sends Ainsley(Katie Robertson) and Harry on a quest to help her find love again. In Two Parties, Harry is put in charge of planning Simmo’s fire-on-the-land bucks and Ainsley’s dubious “white party” hens. Ben vows to be present on Simmo and Ainsley‘s wedding day in the season finale. On the big day, however, information bombs are dropped.

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