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‘Fishbowl Wives,’ a Japanese drama series on Netflix based on the popular manga ‘Kingyo Tsuma,’ by Ryô Kurosawa, is now streaming. Is the second season of Fishbowl Wives coming back?

The story revolves around the lives of six women who share an opulent apartment building. Amidst marital difficulties, they discover love elsewhere. Because of their actions, they face criticism from society and must decide whether to continue their marriage or pursue their own desires. –

The first season of ‘Fishbowl Wives’ was widely praised for its realistic depiction of marital and adultery problems. Critics and viewers alike praised the first season for the nuanced performances by the cast members and the gripping storyline.

What Would Be The Cast of Fishbowl Wives Season 2?

Takanori Iwata will reprise his role as Haruto Toyota, while Masanobu Ando will play Takuya Hiraga, Kyoko Hasegawa, Wakana Matsumoto, Shizuka Nakamura, Saori Seto, Anna Ishii, and Hidekazu Mashima. Like any other series, we may anticipate Shingo Fujimori, Atsuhiro Inukai, and Yuki Kubota in the second season; fresh faces may appear in the show in the second season.

What Would Be the Expected Plot of Fishbowl Wives season 2?

Sakura Hiraga is forced to give up her goal after a catastrophic accident and become a housewife. She is married to a wonderful guy, and the two of them reside in a gorgeous apartment that anybody would desire. Outsiders think her life is beautiful, but Sakura isn’t the effervescent lady she seems to be behind closed doors.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2

Sakura is being physically and emotionally harassed by her husband, and she has to nurse black eyes while maintaining the cheerful lady persona she has become accustomed to. You’d think leaving would be simple, but because Sakura is dependent on her spouse, leaving might be tougher than remaining. She compares herself to a goldfish, which is placed in a bowl and is frail enough to die when removed. Her life, however, takes changes when she meets another man.

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Release Date of Fishbowl Wives Season 2

Netflix released the first season of ‘Fishbowl Wives,’ which debuted on February 14, 2022. There are a total of eight episodes, each lasting between 38 and 51 minutes.

What we can tell you about the second season is as follows: Netflix has yet to make any formal statements about the show’s next update. At least one more season may be possible based on the series’ success after its first season. With numerous volumes of an anthology manga to draw from, there are plenty of ways to expand the storyline.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’ and “Kakegurui” are only two examples of Japanese television shows that have been renewed for several seasons. The likelihood of a second season is therefore quite high if this Netflix series follows a similar trajectory.

Typically, Netflix uses a variety of criteria to determine whether or not a program should be renewed, including how many people first watch it and then how many people leave off after a few episodes. Netflix can make a choice on a show’s future in a matter of weeks or months, depending on the type of show (like Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars).

All of this suggests Netflix is likely to announce the second season in the near future. Duration of delay depends on how long it takes for authors to generate a story and how long it takes for production to complete. The second season of ‘Fishbowl Wives is expected to premiere in the second quarter of 2023.

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Trailer For Fishbowl Wives Season 2

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for Season 2 of Fishbowl Wives from Netflix as of yet. We’ve included a trailer from the last season for those who wish to view it.


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