What is First Wives Club Season 3 Release Date? Bet+ Has Renewed the Show for Season 3!

An American comedy television series called First Wives Club is based on the Robert Harling-written movie of the same name. Tracy Oliver, together with Scott Rudin and Karen Rosen felt, serves as the show’s executive producer in addition to writing the scripts.

When will the third season be available? What’s the storyline? Who would return to play those same roles? Read on to learn more.

Brief Information About First Wives Club Season 3

Name First Wives Club Season 3
OTT Platform BET+
Written By Olivia Goldsmith
First Wives Club Season 3 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

About First Wives Club

People with similar interests can gather in a club to have fun, socialize, and generally unwind. The club in this series is somewhat similar, but still somewhat unique. I mean, the series’ title pretty much tells you what it’s about, right? Yes, you are correct; it is a club for wives. Tracy Oliver is the author of the comedic series First Wives Clubs.

First Wives Club Season 3

The series is based on Robert Harling‘s book “First Wives Clubs.” Its 19 episodes, divided across two seasons, range in length from 26 to 31 minutes. On September 19, BET+ premiered the first episode of the series. 2019. Three divorced ladies who are the main characters in the novel.

After their marriage fails, they start this club. The club’s primary goals are sisterhood, support of one another, and, of course, a little bit of vengeance.

Expected Release Date of First Wives Club Season 3

Fans of the popular BET+ dramedy series First Wives Club have good news! Season 3 has been officially confirmed, as per essence and Bree, Ari, Hazel, and newcomer Jayla will all return to continue their tale of friendship, fun, and love shenanigans.

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The second season debuted on July 15, 2021, and a third season was subsequently added. In light of this, the third season’s new episodes could debut in 2022.

Though a formal confirmation is awaited, the new season may have nine or 10 episodes, just like previous seasons. The show is made by Paramount Television Studios, Jax Media, and Tracy Yvonne Productions.

Cast: First Wives Club Season 3

In the roles of Dr. Bree Washington (Michelle Buteau), Hazel Rachelle (Jill Scott), Ariel “Ari” Montgomery (Ryan Michelle Bathe), David Montgomery (Mark Tallman), Gary Washington (RonReaco Lee), Derrick Ellsworth (Malik Yoba), Jayla Wright (Michelle Mitchenor, Season 2), Nigel (Michail Keize, Season 2), Versace (Tara Pacheco, Season 1-2), and Jacob Rosen

The Plot: Expected Storyline of First Wives Club Season 3

Bree didn’t have the evil intention of destroying her ex-life husband’s when she joined the little ex-wives’ group. She only wanted to connect with other ladies who had been damaged by the breakdown of marriage. And it succeeded!

First Wives Club Season 3

In her misfortune, the poor thing met two more pals who came together to form a true sisterhood. Naturally, they then started to softly and jointly get revenge on their ex. But this serves as a modest female outlet for soul-diversion already.

However, these individuals really got on their nerves. Someone committed fraud and did not conceal it, and they behaved badly toward the woman who gave him children.

There were always some degree of hurt and meanness, baseness, and treachery; there were no stories where “they just fell out of love and peacefully parted.” Men who lack empathy will never realize how vicious they can be.

Trailer: First Wives Club Season 3

First Wives Club Season 3’s trailer has not yet been released. You may view the Season 2 trailer below as you wait for it to be released.

Frequently Asked Questions

When she starred in First Wives Club, Diane Keaton was how old?

Additionally, it should be noted that while Hannigan (42), Hilty (35), and Lachey (35), are all considerably younger than Midler, Keaton, and Hawn, who were all 50 years old when The First Wives Club was released.

What are First Wives Club’s IMDB ratings?

The IMDB gives it a score of 6.4/10.

Where can I watch Season 2 of First Wives Club?

First Wives Club Season 2 is now available for viewing on BET+.