Finding Ohana: Exclusively Launched Netflix Movie| Things You Need To Know Before Watching

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In this post,  I am going to disclose each and every details regarding to the film like the storyline, characters, production details and yes! the most important why you need to watch the movie and where you can find out this easily, so let’s get started…

Finding Ohana- Quick Information!

The movie is created by  Jude Weng and written by Christina Strain. The film stars number of actors from the American industry like Alex Aiono, Lindsay Watson, Owen Vaccaro and Kelly Hu.  Talking about the release date, the film is a newly launched that was out a few months ago, January 29, 2021.

This is a story of a siblng who were raised in New York, Pili (Kea Peahu) and Ioane “E” (Alex Aiono). Both of them used to live with their mom in NYC but due to some reasons they decided to shift from their locality to the Oahu with her. The main reason behind their sfhit is their financial conditions which are not stable for them in NYC.

Everyone was fine with the decision expect Pili is not happy with their migration because she had a really soft corner for the New York after all she has lived their since her childhood. Putting all of them aside, she is also missing her grandfather’s studio.

On the other side we see, E is busy in order to find out the signal for the internet. There E met with one of the beautiful girl Hana who has their own dreams.

Who Are In The Finding Ohana?

  • Kea Peahu as Pili
  • Alex Aiono as Ioane
  • Lindsay Watson as Hana
  • Owen Vaccaro as Casper
  • Kelly Hu as Leilani
  • Branscombe Richmond as Kimo
  • Ke Huy Quan as George Phan
  • Brad Kalilimoku as Kua Kawena
  • Chris Parnell as Brown
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Robinson
  • Ricky Garcia as Monks
  • Ryan Higa as Ryan
  • Mapuana Makia as Nurse Tina
  • X Mayo as Melody
  • Kyndra Sanchez as Yoli Greenburg

Finding Ohana

Something About The Production of Finding Ohana?

It all started in sepetember 2019, the idea of making an amazing film Ohana, Finding Ohana. At first Netflix decided to announced every about the film whose rights have already taken by them from the Judge Weng’s.

After some day it was also announced that Christina Strain is going to write to storyline for the Ohana and on the other side the movie is going to be produced by the Ian Bryce Productions.

During the initial days if the filming, they creatirs are sure with the film characters like whom they are going to add in the film as the main leads as well as the side roles.

Kea Peahu suggested to be in the film as the main role of the Pili, one of my favorite charater with Alex Aiono as Ioane and Lindsay Watson as Hana. On the other side we see Owen Vaccaro as Casper, Kelly Hu as Leilani, Branscombe Richmond as Kimo and Ke Huy Quan as George Phan.

Now coming to the first shot of the film, the initial scene of the film was done in a beautiful location of Brooklyn, Hawai and in the Dominican Republic.

The movie stood up with an amazing ratings of 85% from the Rotten Tomatoes with 20 critics reviews which is slightly good for this kind of movie.

Have you seen the film before? Wanna share your reviews with us too? Then comment down! and share your audits with us!

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Is Finding Ohana Worth Watching? Is It A True Story?

First of all let me clear this for those who are thinking that the film is made up on real incident. Not actually! the movie is not based on a true  story infact is a creation of Christina Strain who is famous for her amazing work Marvel Comics.

Now giving the answer of the second question, whether the film is worth watching your time or not! Absolutely it is a worth watching movie. The film is a mix of some heartwarming and wrenching moments with a lot of ups and down in the life of the main leads.

Official Teaser of Finding Ohana-

Well, if you haven’t seen this amazing exclusive look of the movie, then you must have to watch this video clip of “Finding Ohana.”

Terminal Words-

So, if you are the one who haven’t seen the movie yet, then can find it on several platforms like Netflix, Netflix British and Amazon Prime Video.

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