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FAU-G Game

2020 was a bad year! It’s not my thought but I think everyone out there believes in it. Last year was a rollercoaster for every person living in this world. With the outbreak of coronavirus to locust attack in the world, other than that there are numerous things which take place and many of us don’t even know about it.

For the gamers, there is something that especially makes the there year 2020 worst. And if you are a gamer you know what I am talking about. Yeah, The Ban of PUBG in India. Though earlier many of them were happy of Banning Tiktok but something backflip to them. Being a gamer, I was also shocked and felt miserable because I have just invested my money in buying UC.

If you’re one of me, then raise your hand ✋ and Comment us down about your feelings. But, if there is Dark then there is a light for it too and the introduction of FAU-G is something similar to it. A brand new game for the people of India by none other than Akshay Kumar.

Now, if you are new to this and wanted to know every single detail about it, then stay in this article till the end. After coming to the ending you’ll have a wide range of knowledge about this game. So, let’s unfold the pages of this game, FAU-G.

FAU-G Game

FAU-G – What is this game?

FAU-G, which is fully known as Fearless and United – Guards which is Officially presented by the famous Bollywood actor Mr. Akshay Kumar. The game find it’s popularity because it was announced to launch during the time when PUBG was declared to ban from India. It was a smart marketing strategy for FAU-G to launch after the ban of one of most played game in India. The game mainly reflect the current conditions of the Indian solider in the India-China border. Not only this, but the game is made as a anti-Chinese mission.

Moreover, the game is designed by a Bangalore tech-company nCore games. The game is designed for the Android and iOS platform and people using these two and play this game efficiently. The game was originally announced during the time when PUBG was declared banned in India by the Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar posted a picture of the cover of FAU-G Last year on September 4, 2020 indicating about the news game FAU-G.

The game captioned as, Supporting PM @narendramodi Atma Nirbhar Movement, proud to present a Multiplayer Action game, Fearless and United – Guards, FAU-G. Beside entertainment, the player’s will learn about the sacrifice of our solider. 20% of the Net Revenue guaranteed will be donate in #BharatKeVeer trust fund.


FAU-G – When this game is going to release?

If you’re wondering about the game release date then we will be really happy to tell you that this game is soon going to launch. By saying soon, I mean that the game is coming right in the day of Republic of India i.e. 26 January 2021.

The release date was officially announced by Akshay Kumar in his Twitter account. It says –

“Whether it’s a problem within the country or at the border…these Bharat Ke Veer always stand tall. They are our Fearless And United Guards, our FAU-G! Witness the anthem 🦁

Pre-register now https://t.co/8cuWhoHDBh

Launch 🎮 26/1

@VishalGondal @nCore_games @BharatKeVeer #FAUG”

One of the famous PUBG Youtuber, Maxtern Commented on this game –

“Akshay: I am the guy who doesn’t like seeing youth play videos games, I believe in physical activity.

Also Akshay: FAU-G is out 🙄

So, just be happy and wait a little more so that you can play this game fully with your friends.”

FAU-G – Where can I watch the trailer?

The release date of this game aid already announced by the Developers and also by the Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar. If you are excited about the game and wanted to learn more about it, the first thing which hit your mind is the trailer.

So, the Official trailer of the game is already uploaded in YouTube and you can check from there.

Some of the reaction of the fans are like –

“Loved the anthem song in the trailer. Can’t wait to play this game 😚”

“Don’t know about the actual game but the trailer is freaking lit 🔥”

“ The best thing about this game is it reflects the life of an Indian soldier. I hope, after playing this game, every Indian learn about the sacrifice which is made by these soldiers for us. Keep going Indian Solider. Jai hind, Jai Bharat.”

FAU-G – How this game is different from PUBG?

The trailer of this game is already launched and people started comparing this game with their old and favourite game PUBG. The people started trolling how the Developers couldn’t able to come up with a name so they decided to put it FAU-G, which is, to be honest quite similar to PUBG.

Other than the name, this game is also a Multiplayer game for people but after watching the trailer this game doesn’t resemble PUBG at all. But it will be revealed once the game is available by to the fans. We can’t Comment more about the game since nothing much is announced about the game.

FAU-G – Where can you get this app?

If you’re a true fan of Akshay Kumar and also used to play PUBG then you surely have a hard time in 2020. But not now, the game is officially going to release in the republic day, 26 January 2021. So where can you download this game? The Android user can Download FAU-G from the Play Store and the iOS user can run to their App store can download this game after it gets launched.

Moreover, if you are eagerly waiting for this game you can also Pre-register to it now.

Click on this click for pre-registration of the FAU-G into your devices. https://bit.ly/37hijcQ

FAU-G – A game with a lot of Controversies

The game has a good motive but however fince the announcement about this news, the game has received a lot of critics and controversy about this game. In this section of this article, we are going to talk about these controversial things in detail. Read it thoroughly and Comment us down your thoughts about it.

The first controversy started right after Akshay Kumar posted a picture of FAU-G in Instagram. The people started pointing out how this game poster is exact a copy of a picture which was in Shutter stock. For which the company released a press by saying that yes, they have taken the picture from the Shutter stock and they have buy it From there. Actually, it is true that anyone can buy the picture from Shutter stock for commercial purposes.

The next thing is that people started to point out how the Idea of the game is copied by the late Sushant Singh Rajput one. The actor who recently passed away by suicide decided to launch this type of game during the early days of his life. The Developing company released a statement in this controversy by claiming these rumours to be false and untrue.

Fan’s also tweeted that

“To be very honest as far as I know this game was of Sameer bhangra, Sushant Singh Rajput team member who is also dead. SSR did not code gaming app but he did that Covid app. Both worked together and both are dead, his entire team is dead.”

Now, we don’t know if it is true or not but there are surely many proofs for people to make it believe in this news.

FAU-G Game

How people Reacted to this game?

There are many reactions of the fans for this game and it would be very hard for me to put all those into words. From hating this game to loving it, there is mixed feedback of the Audience. Let’s read them more thoroughly and know about it.

“ Since the PUBG was a ban in India, I was really very sad. The game was the only thing which makes me entertained throughout the Lockdown. Now, with all the things happening in the India-China border it became very hard for me and my friends to play PUBG. Now, Akshay Kumar has already planning to launch his new game, however, it matches with PUBG a Lil bit. We’ll friends are excited to try it down.”

“not good in level in terms of PUBG and Cod even not with free fire, it should have been more developed with good graphics and data and it would achieve more fame if it would be a survival game like PUBG and all Not much satisfied 😓 3/10”

“ Waiting of 26 January like CRAZY. But I must add the trailer of this game is kinda boring but hope the isn’t just boring. What I feel is that they can slightly add a lot of more improve graphics into the game. There is also no need of adding the music but they does. Overall the game is okay for me. Not that great as compared to the PUBG”


There are a lot of Controversies which these game consist but it is overall a great game to play. With a good motive behind it, the game have already a lot of praises all around. The game is soon going to release for the people of Android and iOS. The government of India also support thus game and it is one of the project of our PM Modi Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. Being a multiplayer game, this game will Enables you to play with your friends during the free time.

If you find this article helpful, raise your hand and Comment whether you’re going to play it or not.


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