FAU-G Game (Made in India)

Do you want to know about the most awaited game of this year in India? Which would be similar to the banned Chinese game PUBG.

There might be some questions in your mind like, What is this FAU-G game? Why the name FAU-G? Which Indian company is working on it? and from how much time it is working? Who is behind this game? When this game is going to be released? Answers of all these questions are available in this article. So, stay with me till the end to have all information regarding this game.

Fauji game

Keeping an eye on the growing mobile gamers in India, its need of the hour to have some alternate Indian gaming application for mobile game players. FAU G game is an alternate to PUBG. This game is going to be released soon for us.

Some Features of FAU G Game(Made in India)

Till now, we knew this term FAUJI as a name given to our beloved and respected armed forces. But now it has a new mean as a FAUJI game.

  • FAU-G means Fearless And United: Guards.
  • This is an amazing game that is expected to replace the PUBG game which got banned along with other 117 Chinese apps in India.
  • FAU-G is an action game based on real events etched in India’s military history.
  • The first stage of this game will be based on the Galwan Valley event.
  • Like PUBG Mobile, FAU-G mobile game is also a multiplayer battle royale game.

Similarities of FAUJI with PUBG

According to the news, this upcoming game will have features similar to PUBG mobile. Some familiar characters like PUBG characters will also be introduced in it.

Latest information on PUBG:

  • Ban on PUBG game is an opportunity for all Indians to introduce some Indian or desi app similar to this game.
  • PUBG has been removed from the Android Google play store and the IOS App store.
  • The users who have this app already installed on their phones are still able to play the game.

Common features of PUBG and FAU G

  • On the land of an abandoned island, the players will play a classic match to fight with other players. Players will land on the island, find weapons, supplies, and try to defeat enemies to survive. The last man staying alive on that island will be the winner of the match.
  • Weapons, vehicles, characters, and most of the features are recreated very finely.
  • Some legendary weapons will also be introduced to FAUG, such as M416, Kar98k, QBU, etc. Moreover, you also see some familiar characters like the PUBG game.

Who created FAU: G Game?

FAU G game is a brainchild of a group of Banglore based game developers known as nCore Games company.

Vishal Gondal, the CEO of wearable fitness brand GOQii, made an announcement to promote the game on his Twitter account. He has invested in nCore Games and serves as a strategic advisor to the company.

  • nCore games is a company founded in 2018.
  • It is a mobile game and interactive entertainment company that creates and publishes category-defined mobile gaming applications for the Indian market.
  • Ncore is working on three gaming projects right now. One is associated with Cricket and the other belongs to music along with FAU: G.

Some announcements by Vishal Gondal regarding the FauG game:

  • Gondal announced that the team members have been actively working on FAU:G game since May-June 2020.
  • This game will lesson players about the sacrifices of our beloved soldiers. according to Vishal Gondal.
  • Moreover, they will donate 20% of net revenue from this game to BharatKeVeer trust.

Another name we are hearing with this game is Akshay Kumar who is a famous Bollywood superstar and has been labeled with several patriotic titles. He was working as a mentor for team members of NCore games on the FAUJI franchise. He made an announcement about the game on his Twitter handle as:

“Supporting PM @narendramodi’s AtmaNirbhar movement, proud to present an action game,Fearless And United-Guards FAU-G. Besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to @BharatKeVeer Trust #FAUG”.

FAU:G Trailer

The official trailer for this game has been launched. Please have a look below:

Release Date

There is about a month until the release of this PubG like Game. It is expected that the game will be released at the end of October month But the exact date of release has not been announced yet.

The company is taking little steps because of some issues regarding funds.

How to download and install?

The most asked question is from where I can download and install this mobile game? This game would primarily be available for android devices. So, This game will be available to download in the Google Play Store. But wait, don’t get too excited. You can download this game only after its release in October month.

The game will be available on IOS devices soon after releasing it on android devices. Then IOS users will also be able to install the game from the App Store. 


I am very excited about this game and want to explore it. Now, the thing is whether people give their love to this game similar to PUBG. I am sure that this will work much better than PUBG in India. Moreover, This is an Indian gaming app made in respect of our beloved soldiers who fight for us on borders so that we can live happily. This app is a tribute to our soldiers as the name suggests. For any questions regarding this game, type in the comment section. Enjoy playing this game after its release!