Family Tracking – Your Mother Might Know Exactly Where You Are

If you’ve been struggling with firewalls and other security restrictions at school, no doubt you’ve started looking into ways to overcome these obstacles. You probably already use an iPhone or Android proxy to overcome these restrictions and get access to any internet content you want. It also wasn’t even difficult to set up and start using these proxies, right? The truth is that hacking and tracking are becoming easier to do. Even companies can use ethical hacking and tracking. So, what about your parents?

Do You Think Your Mother Can Track You?

In this article, we’ll look at how parents can track their children through their devices. We’ll also look at some of the apps that are used and some of the repercussions. Keep reading to find out how you are being tracked.

Apps Provide Geofencing, Speed Monitoring, And More

These days it’s extremely easy for parents to find apps they can use to track their kids’ online activities and location. While these apps aim to keep kids safe, they can feel like an invasion of privacy, especially as you get older.

These apps are simple to download, install and use. There’s no doubt that even your mother would be able to figure out how to track you by using these apps. Some of these apps even have a ‘stealth mode’ feature, which means that if it’s installed on your phone, you might not even know about it.

Family-tracking apps have grown immensely in popularity. Parents’ need to protect their children is just a small part of this increase. The bigger reason is that the world, both online and offline, is much more dangerous now. Parents are flocking to apps that can provide some peace of mind.

Family-tracking apps, like Life360 and Google’s Family Link, are very handy for tracking children’s location. With Life360, parents can even set locations for their children and get a notification when the child arrives safely. Your parents may be using it to make sure you got home safely from school or that you made it to your friends’ house.

However, this is not the only aspect of these apps. There are also apps that can be used for geofencing, like Glympse. This is where a parent would set up an area that you are allowed to be, and if your device leaves the area, your parents get a notification.

There are also tracking apps that can monitor your driving speed (even if you’re a passenger) and have crash detection available, like GeoZilla and Mama Bear. Parents can use this with teens who’ve received their driving license or who drive with friends who have a license. This lets your parents know exactly how fast you’ve been driving and where you’ve been driving too. If you are in a collision, your parents will be notified along with the necessary emergency responders.

Then there are also monitoring apps like Kidgy, which have all the same location tracking features and show your parents what you’ve been doing online. Your parents will be able to see which apps you used, which websites you visited, how long you spent on different apps or websites, and more. Some of these, like Mama Bear, can also monitor your social media pages. This means your parents can see what you post, who you interact with, and more even without being a ‘Friend’ or ‘Follower’ on these social platforms.

Finally, there are also many different keylogger apps available, like Hoverwatch Android Keylogger. These are a type of ‘ethical’ spyware. Once installed on a device, it will allow the main user to monitor everything done on that device. Your parents would be able to see your text messages, phone calls, photos, media, and anything else that’s on your phone. These apps might make some parents feel more secure. However, they are one of the biggest invasions of privacy of all the different types of family-tracking apps available.

Peace of Mind Vs Trust

Although this tracking may seem not only to be an invasion of privacy but also a lack of trust from your parents, some of these features can be helpful. You may be considering using techniques to fool these apps, such as leaving your phone at a friend or using an Android proxy to obscure the data and make it less reliable. However, you might place yourself at risk. For example, if you used an Android proxy to interfere with the family-tracking app, and you get into a car accident, the app might not register the accident like it’s supposed to. This could mean that your parents and emergency services aren’t notified right away.

Final Thoughts

Just like you can trick the schools’ firewalls by using a proxy, your parents can easily track and monitor you using apps. Instead of trying to trick these apps, have a calm conversation with your parents and express what you feel is acceptable, such as basic location tracking and crash detection, and what is an invasion of privacy, such as keylogger apps.