Fam 2 – Cancelled Or Renewed By CBS?

Fam, a popular comedy show by the popular production channel CBS is lately in talk after the show gets canceled. Yes, you head it right. The popular CBS channel couldn’t be able to meet the demand but the fans were really excited about the series. Released on 10 January 2019, this show has contains a lot of hopes for the creators. People did admire the show and loved the comedy-drama story, then what happens? 

In this article, we’ll be shading some lights in the series of Fam and why was it canceled? If you are someone who is interested to know then stay till the end and don’t go anywhere without finishing it.

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What is Fam? A Complete Summary For You!

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The American comedy-drama sitcom which was released in 2019 was something unique for the viewers. The show was conducted under the production of CBS which is known to produce some amazing series like, God Friended Me, The big bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and many more.

With the creative work of Corinne Kingsbury, Fam released for the people. The story of this show revolves around Clem and Nick, who is a loving couple and soon planning to get married. Everything was going fine until the half-sister of Clem entered their life. Things get completely out of control and the show gets amazing. 

The audience appreciated the distinctive storyline. The first season consists of 13 episodes with each running for 21-25 minutes on the screen. After the show ends, the people want to know more about this family but they don’t. The show was canceled by CBS without giving any reasons. If you want to know why the Fam was canceled by CBS then read the next section.

Will There Be a Fam Season 2?

On 5 October 2019, the officials of the CBS Producing channel released a statement that says that the Fam series is not renewed for its second season. Through an insider, it was later revealed that the show wasn’t pressing many people and was not able to increase the graph of CBS. The mediocre show was also badly represented in front of Critics. 

Now, it is official that the show will not return for the second season. But if you want there are other shows which might help you. Visit our site Keeperfacts and read the famous series which fits rightly for you.

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Why Was Season 2 Cancelled?

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The Fam series aired its last episodes on 11 April 2019 and after that, there was nothing more heard from them. After the show ended, the producers came forward to release the statement that Season1 was the one and only show of the Fam series. After that, there is nothing more regarding it. 

This series is permanently canceled and there are no chances of returning it. Now, the show attracts a lot of audiences but it still got canceled, Why? The show failed to catch the eyes of the maximum number of people and didn’t even gain many ratings as per the expectations of the people. 

People were shocked to hear the cancellation news because there are many shows which are not doing better as per the guidelines and expectations of CBS but there are continuing new seasons. Fam is a decent show with good viewership and people love it but it still got canceled. 

The fans launched petitions and messages all around the internet but it didn’t affect the show makers. The only thing that is decided is that Fam is not coming with any season 2 and if you are a fan of this show then you should stop dreaming about it. 

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What is Fam About?


The story of Fam revolves around Clem and Nick. Clem is a beautiful young woman, who wants her life to be a perfect example of a fairy tale. She wants to get married to her love of life and live happily after. Yeah! It’s like some sort of Disney Movie. Nick is another main protagonist of this story and the male lead.

He meets Clem and they fall for each other after some time. Nick, who is now a finance officer, wants to marry her. But currently, on the show, they are living their life happily and everything was fine until the entry of Shannon. 

Shannon is actually a 16-years old teenage girl who decided to drop out of school. She enters the home to live with Clem because that’s what only she can do at that point. Clem is Shannon’s half-sister and as she arrived in the house, everything changed. Clem and Nick, who once used to be a happy couple, now get mad because of her. 

Clam messed the life of this couple but it surely makes the viewers happy. As the show ended, you will see that the writers are trying hard to summarize the story. Though the people are hoping to see more but unfortunately, they didn’t get any. 

The show opens the expectations of people and they were really looking forward to watching it.

What Are The Ratings of this show?

The show is rated normally by the people, but the critics were the people who didn’t appreciate it much. Though the ratings never really matter if the audience is happy with the show but there are some people who look for Critic ratings every time. In this section, I’ll discuss the ratings of people. 

Starting the list with an IMDb rating, The show gets a 6.2/10 rating in this category. With only 40% of rotten tomatoes, this show gets a below-average rating by critics. Coming to the last category is Common sense Media which rated this show with a 2/5 rating. 

Well after seeing all this, one thing is confirmed is, the show fails to impress the critics. But the audience was happy with it. The love of fans rated the show with 4.3 stars in the audience rating summary.

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