Executives See An Unsettling Indication That Steve Harvey Is Becoming Pat Sajak

Steve Harvey, the host of Family Feud, is well-known for his friendly and outgoing stage persona; it’s probably because of his lighthearted, conversational approach to “crowd work” as a comic that he was first hired to host the game show.

In that regard, Steve and fellow comedian-turned-host Ellen DeGeneres may be compared extensively.

Before becoming well-known across the country as an amiable TV host, they both excelled in stand-up comedy. However, there have been whispers about them both suggesting that their “nice guy” or “nice gal” reputations are as manufactured as the plants that adorn the sets of their shows.

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding game shows, including Ryan Seacrest’s turbulent tenure on Wheel of Fortune, and it seems like there are more videos going viral these days that highlight Steve Harvey’s emotional state on Family Feud.

The ‘Friendly’ Side of Steve Harvey Isn’t Always Present

Since Van Halen’s infamous “brown M&Ms” clause became widely known, the demands and conditions of celebrity contracts have attracted attention. In the perspective of the general public, “riders” are frequently startlingly stringent, like as Jennifer Lopez’s purported prohibition against making eye contact.

Steve Harvey allegedly received similar strict instructions on the set of his own show in the leaked memo:

When I’m sitting in the makeup chair, don’t come near me until I specifically ask to talk to you. Use the doorbell or knock on the door. Don’t wait to talk to me in any hallway. Being ambushed annoys me.

“I swear to you, I won’t play with you in the corridor, and please don’t try to stroll with me. I’ll remove you if you open my door.”

To be fair to Harvey, the passage seemed to imply that Steve had asked for space multiple times without success; yet, it’s only one of many rumors that have surfaced lately that suggest the host’s tolerance for Family Feud may be wearing thin.

We also documented several occasions in June when Steve publicly humiliated Family Feud contestants for their spontaneous responses. It’s important to note that Family Feud executives might be promoting those exchanges because they often become viral videos that boost the show’s viewership.

However, the majority of people seeing these well-known “stupid answers” videos are regular people who, unlike the contestants being made fun of, can relate to the contestants rather than Steve Harvey.

Many of these clips serve as a subtle reminder that Harvey, who has performed for much of his life, uses his reputation and renown to intimidate and degrade common people in front of a national audience.

It’s not a good look, and videos like this one are frequently shared on social media these days, furthering the impression that Steve is not as kind as his admirers originally believed.

“Short Fuse” by Steve Harvey Is Likened To Pat Sajak

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s Family Feud tenure was featured in a June 21st Variety article on how game show engagements were great “even for A-listers.”

Notably, Steve came across as a touch defensive about Family Feud in general and acknowledged that his well-known friends thought less of him for accepting the job:

The number of calls I was receiving from guys I knew would astound you. “Steve, are you hosting a game show, dude?” Entering that ridiculous venture?

If you can take this cornball venture and make it successful, do you have any idea how much money they are writing off?

In 2010, Harvey “took over” Family Feud; in contrast, Pat Sajak, who abruptly left Wheel of Fortune after 40 years, hasn’t hosted a game show for nearly as long.

Steve’s stay is shorter, but lately, people have started comparing him to a grumpy Sajak from the late Wheel era.

About Harvey’s recent mood, one unnamed insider was cited as saying:

“Steve is the boss and has grown to be a vital component of the show’s success, but it is the last thing people need to hear that he is criticizing competitors and calling their responses illogical in front of them.

“Those who are close to him are terrified. They worry that Steve is putting in too much work. Perhaps he is experiencing stress at home, which is causing him to become irritable.”

Although Steve Harvey hasn’t publicly shown his dissatisfaction with the role, his Family Feud tenure is still well-liked. The insider said that executives are hoping the reported on-set behavior is “just a phase.”


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