Exclusive for Fans: Raven Ross From “Love is Blind” is Dating Once Again!

Raven Ross now has a boyfriend! And after the Season 3 drama with her ex-boyfriend SK Alagbada, which included him saying “I don’t” at the altar and several cheating charges, she is now ready for a meaningful relationship.

She even anticipates a fresh engagement in 2023. Learn more about the Love Is Blind star’s latest dating escapades in the following section.

Who is Raven Ross Now Dating?

Even Raven’s season 3 co-star, Nancy Rodriguez, has met and approved of her new partner. “Nancy has met him,” said the creator of Pilates Body by Raven Ross, adding that Nancy “approved” of him.

We all congregated. Raven revealed that she and Nancy “connected” after their breakups on the show. Nancy and Bartise Bowden’s breakup was one of the most notable, with Bartise becoming one of Love Is Blind season 3’s antagonists.

“I believe that both of us have been on a healing path, and we’re both really thrilled about getting back out there and dating again,” Raven added.

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Viewers were startled when SK rejected Raven at the altar owing to his concerns about their ability to maintain a long-distance relationship. Raven made it plain she had no desire to leave Dallas and attend school in California with SK.

Exclusive for Fans: Raven From "Love is Blind" is Dating Once Again

Additionally, Raven exhibited resistance to adopting portions of SK’s Nigerian culture. Upon meeting in the pods, Raven was initially dissatisfied with SK’s laid-back nature during the beginning of their time living together. Nevertheless, the couple was able to overcome their differences and develop a true relationship during their brief engagement.

However, the relationship ended after SK was suspected of infidelity. He emerged from the third season of Love Is Blind as a popular favourite, but became a villain as online rumours began to circulate.

After the disastrous marriage experiment, Raven has now moved on with someone else. Only a few couples have lasted the test of time after finding love on the show. Sadly, Raven and SK were not among the fortunate few.

Are Raven and SK Together?

No, sorry Raven and Sk are no longer together in 2023. During the November 2022 reunion programme, it was revealed that the couple had rekindled their romance following their botched wedding. Two weeks later, though, their split was revealed via a joint Instagram post.

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Posted via articles on both of their accounts on November 20, 2022, the message read: “We are devastated to report that we have decided to go our separate ways. Due to the ongoing legal actions surrounding these charges, we are unable to share further information and request that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

Following the TikTok charges, Raven deleted all photos of Sk and herself from her Instagram account. Fans were pleased when it was revealed that SK and Raven had been dating during the reunion, so their breakup was undoubtedly a disappointment.

Exclusive for Fans: Raven From "Love is Blind" is Dating Once Again

“So, are you two now dating?” At the reunion, host Vanessa Lachey questioned Raven, to which they both responded, “Yes.” The couple then rose from their separate chairs, embraced, and Raven said “Hi baby” to her boyfriend before they shared a kiss.

Unfortunately, the adultery rumours appear to have been the final nail in the coffin for these two, as a quick look at their Instagram accounts in 2023 reveals no mention of the other.

According to host Vanessa Lachey, Love is Blind: After the Altar will have both Raven and Sk clearing up the entire breakup turmoil. She told Entertainment Tonight that she was stunned by the charges of SK’s infidelity, which will be clarified in upcoming episodes.

Where is Love is Blind Star Raven Now?

Raven has remained in Dallas and continues to pursue her initial passion: Pilates. The 29-year-old has posted a lot of gym photos and Pilates classes she teaches, as well as catch-ups with her fellow female LIB competitors, on Instagram.

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Raven visited New York in January 2023 and reconnected with Nancy Rodriguez. She also uploaded photographs from her Icelandic vacation in Reykjavik. She disclosed towards the end of the month that she had also travelled to Los Angeles to teach Pilates.