Everything you should know about Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire tokyo

Are you someone who always being loving horror movies? Ghosts and psychic have always interested you when your friends don’t like it at all? So get ready for the amazing upcoming game Ghostwire: Tokyo because it has everything that you are looking for.


Ghostwire tokyo

An upcoming game of 2021, Ghostwire: Tokyo is an Action-Adventure based game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks for PlayStation 5 and Windows user.

From the official trailer which was released by PlayStation 5 in their official YouTube channel, we can conclude that it is a game which is supernatural with full of ghosts, mask covered enemies and headless girl.

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When will Ghostwire Tokyo release?

As the official trailer suggest and according to the showcase event in June suggested Ghostwire: Tokyo will release in the year 2021.

There is no official release date that was mention in the trailer nor in the showcase event but we know it will be released in somewhere 2021.

What is the Storyline of Ghostwire Tokyo?


Ghostwire tokyo

In the city of Japan, Tokyo, Suddenly a strange behaviour of people to occur. People are disappearing from Tokyo and around 99 Percent of people vanished without any reason. In place of the citizens, other orderly spirits have entered in the city know as Visitors. The main protagonist of the game started to develop his powers and he goes to find out the sudden mysteriously disappearances of the people. He meets with a headless girl and also encounters with a Hannya wearing group. Who knows they might be the reason behind all these strange things in Tokyo!

What Game-play can a player expect from this game?

As the trailer suggested the Ghostwire: Tokyo is an FPP (first-person perspective) mode game which every gamer loves. It is an action-adventure game consisting of mysterious things around Tokyo. As a player, you can use your psychic powers and your paranormal abilities to fight against ghosts and spirits that are haunting the streets of Tokyo.

The Game Director on Ghostwire: Tokyo, Kenji Kimura, said “This version of Tokyo is not a version you’ve ever seen or heard before. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you’ll hear and encounter sounds that you normally would not hear in the city in real life. Our hope is that with the 3D sound, you will feel compelled to seek out and identify what is causing those sounds you hear.”

“We’re particularly excited by the possibility of players experiencing our modern, yet Visitor-filled city with 3D sound,”

Ghostwire tokyo

You can be able to use hand movements which is inspired by great Kuji-kiri. Kuji-kiri is a practice of using hand gestures which in taught in some school of japan.

Combat director Shinichiro Hara said he thing the game as “karate meets magic”

The player can use taekwondo moves to destroy and to kill the enemy. During the Game-play revel the protagonist of the game is find to use a archer too.

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As a player what will be my power and how can I use it?

The official recently broke their silence and said “We want the player to feel like a badass, spell-casting, high-tech ninja exorcist defeating countless evil spirits,”

During this they also said that, the primary weapon of tge players can use various hand gestures as a weapon. When asked why didn’t they use all time popular Assault rifle and pistol as a weapon? They simply replied by saying that their game doesn’t allow this they need more hand movements to make it more classy. This will add more interest and personality into the game which player will love.

They further added “This system is unique to GhostWire. It’s karate meets magic. Often, magic casters have this image of not being physically strong. That isn’t the case with GhostWire. In GhostWire, you’re casting magic with martial arts movements.”

The upcoming year will be best to play the Ghostwire:Tokyo game, get excited for this amazing journey!

Ghostwire tokyo

Ikumi Nakamura left GhostWire?

Recently the news broke down the Internet about Nakamura leaving Tango Gameworks. They company pass this statement by saying –

“We can confirm that Nakamura-san has decided to leave Tango and we wish her the best of luck in whatever is next for her,” a rep said. “Tango continues to be led by the legendary Shinji Mikami and his talented team in the development of Ghostwire: Tokyo. We look forward to sharing more on what they’re creating in the coming months.”

It was a surprise for everyone because it was only few months when they released the official announcing Ghostwire: Tokyo E3 2019. Being the Creative director it was a bit of odd of her leaving the company.

Ghostwire tokyo

Microsoft purchased Bethesda? Will the game get postponed?

Recently Microsoft has purchased Bethesda for 7.5 billion Dollars. Many people are suspecting that it will change everything of Ghostwire: Tokyo but it will not. As Microsoft said that they will maintain the timing of the game as previously and it remains to launch in 2021 exclusively for PS5 as it was planned.

It is also obvious, that when the game will expire Microsoft will definitely throw the game and will jump to another game pass.


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