Everything Sucks Season 2: Cancellation & Updates

Last updated on 29 January 2022.

Revealing the sexuality is hard for many people. While many chooses to not come out and others find their way to adjust in the society. Nowadays, everything is getting a bit to normal. We, humans, are made in a way we are and nobody is responsible for it.

The best way to live in this world is to make the world a better place for other. LGBTQ community are getting more strong with many people supporting them and if you are someone who understands them too, More power to you  People are getting educated and understanding the human nature.

However, nothing feels like this in 90’s. And if you want to know how it feels to be a LGBTQ in 90’s we have Everything sucks for you.

Everything Sucks Season 2

A 90’s based drama which will take you to the journey of a young girl who find herself in a condition which is not a normal. Coming out as Lesbian might be easy nowadays (in certain parts of the world it is still consider as a Taboo) but not at that time.

If you are interested to listen the story of this young girls, stay in this page and read this article till the end. You’ll not going to disappoint.

Know About Everything Sucks

The Series, Everything sucks, is an American drama which is exclusively premiered on the popular Networking site, Netflix. The comedy-based drama is great for people who is tend to watch series based on serious issue. The Series was first aired on 16 February, 2018.

Moreover, This web series follows the time period of 1990s high school kid. You’ll come to know about the two main characters of the series named, Luke and kate.

But you’ll find more interesting Character as you go ahead of the show. The first season have a total of 10 episode with each of half an hour.

Everything Sucks Season 2

Like the many high school kids, this story also reflects some of the problems which are faced by many kids these days such as relationships, intoxicants, sex, hierarchy, homosexuality, dating and more. The creator of the show are Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan.

Everything Sucks Season 2 is going to happen?

Talking about the second season, the Cindy Holland who is the VP, Content Acquisition at Netflix said,

“I’m really passionate about the show myself,”

She added more, “ We take the cancellation decisions as personally as anybody.”

“Because we were seeing a much lower completion rate of the whole season, we realized that it is very unlikely that we would be able to grow the audience, move a whole new audience through the show, and have a large enough audience to justify a season two.”

So for now the Season 2 of Everything Sucks is never going to happen at all. The show gets stop only after finishing first season which is heartbreaking for many fans. Cindy also claimed that the show have very “Passionate fans” and despite them they Cancelled the show.

Netflix has officially cancelled the making of Everything Sucks Season 2 confirmed by Liveakhbar.com.

Why Everything Sucks Season 2 is Cancelled?

The comedy-drama series is not renewed for it’s second installment. The reason which is given by the Netflix for not renewing the season 2 is quite obvious.

In the Netflix’s statement, they clearly mentioned that the episodes of this series are not receives the great viewership. Infact people have watched the few episodes and many if them didn’t even bother to watch full episode.

Furthermore, this is not the first time Netflix have done this to a show. They have cancelled amazing shows like Glow, Lucifer, Dark. And fans are still fighting and finding ways to get back these shows.

Not only this but She also discussed about the Shadow hunter and how the fans are so furious about the Cancellation of the show.

What are the reaction of fans ?

So, the series is cut down by the Netflix and they have just released there season 1 only. The show have a loyal fanbase which is acknowledged by the Netflix workers himself.

Not only this but the fans are signing the Petition for the renewal of Season 2. The fans of Everything sucks are very hardworking and till know more than 25k have already signed the Petition.

Moreover, the fans have said their opinion regarding the Cancellation of the show.

  • Isabelle Krall

This show is amazing and is an inspiration to the lgbt community. It’s sad to see that it’s been cancelled. Hopefully I helped a bit.


Because this damn show saved me.

  • Codie Hatch

This show has made so many people happy. It has helped people feel comfortable and confident with who they are. The story is far too important to lose.

  • Supreme Leader Of VoCo

This could literally be one of the best netflix originals ever made

  • JB Smoov

Wtf netlicks! I mean, com’n- this ? Is racist as a mafah. You have a black kid as a star and you cancel his show? Suck a flick, netdicks!

Not only the fans but the cast members are also feeling miserable because of the Cancellation of everything sucks season 2.

If you are also a fan of Everything sucks and you are also want to sign the Petition click below.

Singing the Petition for Everything Sucks.

Sydney Sweeney, the star cast said,

My heart is broken. I don’t even have words to say how much I’m going to miss this story”

Famous Dialogue

High hopes, low expectations. That’s what my step dad always says. Then again, he’s an unemployed alcoholic who named his dog after a psychopath.

Just, brutal honesty, it’s just the best policy.

We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.

Laughter’s not the only way to show that something is funny.

I meet a lot of parents. After a while, you sort of develop a sixth sense for these things. You strike me as a great parent.

We’re all the heroes of our own story. Without even realizing, we’re probably the bad guy in someone else’s.

You’re cooler for thinking that you aren’t cool.

Look, my whole life, I have been the freak. The girl who nobody picked for dodgeball, the girl who didn’t have a mom, the girl who dressed funny because it was her dad buying her clothes. And then, tonight I looked at these people, and I thought maybe there’s a future where I don’t have to be a freak. Maybe I can be who I am and that’s okay.

A real artist doesn’t need friends or family.

Everything Sucks Season 2

Ratings of the show

The show have a great rating and receive well from the critics. Not only this but the show have a good fan base which is the reason why the Audience rating summary of Everything sucks is 4.7.

Moreover, the rotten tomatoes of the Everything sucks are 71% and the IMDb rating of the show 7.5/10, which is according to me very average. The TV.com rated this show 9/10.

Review of the show

This show is well received by the audience. The message and thoughts which this show conveys is well praises by the people. I have only seen the positive feedback of this show. Let’s take a look at these feedbacks of Everything sucks

Marlon McMurphy

Everyone in the show is great, The lead kid is really talented. His acting is so good I really didn’t like his character he was so rude and his entitlement to certain things is wild. All the characters have problems or things that their dealing with, but he made his few problems everyone else’s and took his anger out on everyone. The complete lack of empathy fr even his mothers happiness was crazy infuriating. I look forward to seeing them all.

Reeves Timberwood 

I’m a huge fan of those romantic dramatic funny movies set in high schools like Mean Girls and other stuff, so when I started watching this show it was really enjoyable. I also like shows and movies where there are lgbt+ couples and relationships and there’s some of that in this show so lucky me!  I think this is a great show for anyone who’s looking for laughs and I really recommend it if you like other Netflix shows like Sex Education, Insatiable, and On My Block.

Ruby Tiberwood

Ive been watching this show since yesterday. As a abrosexual (sexuality fluid), I love this show so far! I love how realistic it is for the main character to slowly come out as lesbian! And she dated Luke in the beginning, which is cool because the main character is slowly experimenting herself and deciding whenever shes lesbian or not. I honestly recommend this show for mature 14 year olds and up though because there is mature scenes in the show

Series Everything Sucks Season 2
Release Date Cancelled
network Netflix


Everything sucks was a great show with a message of great importance. The storyline of this show revolves around the teenage kid who find it difficult to come out in the time of 1990s. However, with so much good cause, the show is cancelled by the Netflix making the fans sad all around the world.

The people are coming out in internet and telling how this show helps them to understand their sexuality and turn them into a better person. With all this in mind, maybe Netflix can change their mind. But for now we have no more season 2 of Everything sucks.

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