Everything Is Here about Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is a American biographical drama television film which comes out in 2019. It is directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt and the production company is Lifetime.

It is totally based on Saving Alex: When I Was Fifteen I Told My Mormon Parents I Was Gay, and That’s When My Nightmare Began by Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks and its origin is in United Staes.

The screenplay by Michelle Paradise and the  film stars Addison Holley, Nicolette Pierce, Sara Booth, Ian Lake, Kate Drummond, Wilson Cruz, Steven Cumyn, and Elisa Mooncherry.

Is the Alex Cooper story a true story?

 Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

Yes. Trapped: The Alex Cooper story is a movie which is based on a book. The book is said to be based on a true story! 

Did Alex Cooper forgive her parents?

Yes, Both of her parents lost their jobs and her child. So Alex Cooper makes peace with them.


Alex Cooper, a 15 year old female lives in Victorville, California. She comes out and reveals her true gender identity to her Mormon parents as Lesbian and also that she loves her friend Frankie. Her family doesn’t accept her identity and sends her to her grandparents to live with in Utah what her parents told her about it. 

Other characters, Johnny and Tiana abuse her for being a part of gay community. They beat her, push her and fill her bag with heavy rocks and tell her to face the wall. They do this to get her to become straight. After all the abuse and punishments, she figured that she had to surrender in front of them to get to the school. 

After going to school she met a boy who was the president of gay-straight group. He helped her get to an attorney and get out of that house. She lived openly under law’s protection as a open gay teenager.

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 Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

  • Elisa Moolecherry as Carol Lynn    
  • Stephen Joffe as Jason
  • Kaleb Horn as Damon
  • Dante Scott as Henry
  • Sofie Michal Maiuri as Mary
  • Emma Victoria Jackson as Emma
  • Alexander Elliot as Spencer
  • Leo Orgil as Wyatt
  • Alexandra Chavez as Daniella Lopez
  • Humberly González as Hannah Lopez
  • Lynne Griffin as Grandma
  • Michelle Arvizu as Sister Lopez
  • Roger Dunn as Grandpa
  • Laurie Murdock as Bishop Carver
  • Natalie Liconti as Colette
  • Nile Seguin as Mr. Lewis
  • Pip Dwyer as Sandra
  • Agueda Cardenas as Cleaning Lady
  • Sharon McFarlane as Administrator
  • David Frisch as Teacher
  • Drew Haytaoglu as Elder Thompson
  • Jamillah Ross as Cop
  • Konima Parkinson-Jones as Officer Janney
  • Nicolas James Wilson as Elder Sanders
  • Art Hindle as Church Leader
  • Jon H. Epstein as Bus Driver
  • Marie Dame as Sister Young 
  • Addison Holley as Alex Cooper
  • Nicolette Pearse as Frankie Jackson
  • Ian Lake as Jonathan “Johnny” Simms
  • Sara Booth as Tiana Simms
  • Kate Drummond as Mrs. Cooper
  • Wilson Cruz as Paul C. Burke
  • Steven Cumyn as Mr. Cooper

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Where Can We Watch Trapped: Alex Cooper Story ?

You can stream it online easily in the given links but before watching just subscribe yourself to those channels. 

Here is a English dubbed version of Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story available on My Lifetime, Just Watch and Amazon Prime. You will love to watch it.

Trapped: the Alex Cooper Story  – Official Trailer

We have mentioned the official trailer of Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story, watch it and treasure your recollections with us. Just watch the trailer given below.

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story: Trailer | Lifetime

Audience Reviews:

  • Imdb :This movie was so hard to watch in places. What this young girl went through is just unimaginable ..these sort of religious but cases should be held accountable for what they have done and her parents too.

Audience Reviews: 6.1 out of 10.

  • Rotten tomatoes : wow. For a moment I couldn’t believe this was actually a true story. It was a very good movie. very heart wrenching. i hope this movie shows people that conversion therapy isa wrong and should be illegal.

Audience Reviews: 29% out of 100%.

Winding up:

Let’s end up with this article. Till now you understand and know about this American biographical drama television film.

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