“The Wolf at the Door”- Episode 2 of Siren Season 2.

Ryn (Eline Powell) keeps a close check on her people as they acclimatize to their new surroundings. There are flaws in the system. Katrina (Aylya Marzolf) is still getting used to not being in charge. Ryn needs to explain what happened to her mother to her niece Cami (Millan Tesfazgi). She also has to deal with Katrina’s rebellion on a regular basis.

Ben (Alex Roe) attends an addicts support group in the hopes of dealing with the seductive song. He just mentions his addiction and “complex relationship” in passing. He’s lost, having gotten addicted to his relationship with Ryn on top of his other commitments to Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola).

He’s not sure if it’s the song or a genuine connection that draws him to Ryn. Susan (Garcelle Beauvais) is often seen kicking around at her own group’s gatherings. She describes overhearing Ben converse with her husband Dale (Gil Birmingham), who tells her to keep out of their daughter’s dating life. She doesn’t, telling Maddie afterward that she saw Ben.

Meanwhile, Xander (Ian Verdun) is becoming close to Nicole (Natalee Linez), who is continuing to infiltrate his mind. She begins to inquire about his father’s fate and whether he died on the boat. All of this is a means for her to obtain more information for the government. Xander mentions something that threw his father overboard. It’s unfortunate that he’s being exploited when he’s in such a vulnerable position.

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Helen (Rena Owen) is forced to play “den mother” to the merpeople, and Ben has found that the underwater disturbance will last for eight months. It’s interesting to see the older merman bow down in front of Helen as if she’s one of their own. Ben soon notices the merpeople’s skin is deteriorating, indicating that they must return to the ocean. However, they are unable to do so while the “sonic waves” are there. It’s not as simple as moving to a different location: there are other merpeople colonies that use force to safeguard their habitats.

 Episode 2 of Siren Season 2

Calvin (Curtis Lum) meets with a reporter from Seattle’s KFGT News who is covering the beached whales at a pub. The two discuss the mermaid predicament at Bristol Cove. The fisherman displays footage from the attack that he took on his boat. The newsman is uninterested: “Call the Enquirer,” he jokes as he walks away.

Helen and Ben realize they’ll need money to keep their mer-friends safe, so she’ll extort money from Ted Pownall (David Cubitt) through her friendship with him. Ben is procuring Ryn a phony ID and then showing her how to drive while Helen takes care of the cash. Maddie is left with the merpeople. Katrina, Cami, and daddy merman sneak out with their spears to seek food when she introduces a few of them to the allure of fire. They eventually come across an enraged wolf. Cami is assaulted just as Maddie uses a rifle to chase the animal away.

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“You Can’t Make It Happen; It Simply Has to.”

Back at the cabin, Ryn’s enraged Katrina defied her and caused another predator to hurt Cami. This incites even more discontent. However, the new leader makes it obvious that she will not be disobeyed. She just cares about her people’s overall survival. They manage to pull the merpeople into the water for a short while, just long enough to assist.

It’s a spooky moment for a group of inebriated individuals, including women costumed as mermaids, to come down from the bar and jump in. OH MY GOD! Before people scramble off the shore, things nearly go sideways. After that, when Xander arrives, he and Ben get into a fight. He desires vengeance on Levi (Sedale Threatt Jr.), who was with Donna when his father was murdered, and who refuses to let the merpeople stay on land.

 Episode 2 of Siren Season 2

Later, the merpeople enter a gas station and cause some havoc by stealing food from the shelves. They were on the verge of assaulting the clerk. Katrina attempts another power grab, but the others rally around Ryn as their leader. This will result in a massive conflict with several ramifications. Katrina has already decided to strike out on her own. It can’t possibly be good for anyone.

Helen’s shop is visited by Elaine (Sarah-Jae Redmond), who interrogates her about the money she received from Ted. Helen and the Pownalls have no true connection, she believes. So she’ll do a DNA test, snatching a coffee cup from Helen’s cafe to accompany her. Elaine and Bristol Cove as a whole may be rocked by the revelation of some major secrets. At the very least, it’s possible.

Ben and Maddie’s relationship is improving. Despite the possibility of a polyamorous relationship developing between them and Ryn. We’ll see how that plays out over the course of the season. In the meantime, Katrina has returned, covered in blood and carrying the wolf she murdered, determined to show her control over the area.

“Humans Never Stop Being Furious.”

In more ways than one, things are heating up! I’m looking forward to the mermaid-human encounter. It would be lovely to see a merperson educate humans about the wide range of love that exists. Even if this is primarily a science fiction show, representation is important.
The next episode will be “Natural Order.”

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