Enzo Tvd: All We Should Know About Him

An avid watcher of The Vampire Diaries? Good! Stay tuned because today we will discuss about the one and only Enzo tvd. This article would mainly cover aspects about his personality, character, abilities, and more. Read till the end.

Intro to Enzo Tvd

Lorenzo “Enzo” St. John was the primary person, minor enemy, and screw-up in The Vampire Diaries.

He was some time ago a significant repeating character in the fifth period of the series, before he elevates to primary in the 6th season. Enzo was a vampire who was already Damon Salvatore's fellow prisoner during the 1950s, on the verge of capture at the hands of Augustines. Dr. Wes Maxfield first references him as the Augustine Vampire.

In the fifth season during Man on Fire, Enzo and Stefan battled seriously with each other. Enzo endeavored to set Stefan ablaze, however, Stefan pushed his hand within Enzo, getting his heart. Stefan wouldn't kill Enzo, yet Enzo ventured back and his heart was extricated.

Enzo tvd

Enzo let Stefan know that his retribution was causing Stefan to disclose to Damon how he killed his closest companion. Enzo later went through Bonnie to the Other Side. 

While on the Other Side, Enzo understands that since Markos has entered the universe of the living, that the measurement is self-destructing. He made an honest effort to sort out some way to escape the Other Side and put his confidence in Bonnie. In-Home, Markos was sucked into Hell and Enzo effectively went through Bonnie, getting back to life. 

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In the 6th season, Enzo started a mission to save Damon and Bonnie from the jail world they were caught in with the assistance of Caroline Forbes. He played with Caroline and estranged Stefan for leaving his quest for Damon. After Damon's return, Enzo fostered an attack of desire towards Stefan and promises to make his life hopeless.

He constrained Matt Donovan to help him in doing as such however later adjusted his perspective when he started to think often about ensuring Stefan's niece, Sarah Nelson. He later experienced Lily, the one who transformed him into a vampire and who likewise turns out to be Damon and Stefan's mom. 

In the seventh season, Enzo aligned himself with Lily and the Heretics in light of his affection for her. In the end, he started working for the Armory as he was keen on his past and discovering what his family depend on. Enzo additionally concealed Bonnie from the Armory since they required her to open a strange vault.

He gave her pills to quiet her enchantment and the two wind up experiencing passionate feelings. Enzo is most recently seen pursuing Damon into a vault in the Armory when abruptly stained since quite a while ago mauled hands get his face and pull him in reverse carefully hidden. 

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Enzo is a charming individual who had lived all in all a satisfying life before his detainment by Augustine. Despite his detainment, he stayed hopeful to one day escape and perhaps render retribution on Augustine for their torment on him.

After it is uncovered that he was as yet alive and detained, Enzo appears to have hung on by a thread because of the fifty years of torment, as he gradually murmurs a melody soon after he acquaints himself with Elena. He likewise showed tremendous resentment towards Damon for being not able to save him, all things considered, after reviving their fellowship, he wouldn't leave him when he transformed into an Augustine Vampire.

Enzo tvd

We can clearly see that he is faithful and could never leave those essential to him. He is additionally displayed to have a retaliation streak as seen when he assists Damon with the Augustines when he discovers Maggie was killed by Damon, and that individuals who realized that he was dead didn't specify anything to Damon. 

Enzo keeps on showing demonstrations of dedication to his companions, primarily Damon, searching for prompts to discover Damon, and rebuffing Stefan for abandoning Damon. He misses his companion and even kills Stefan's sweetheart for abandoning Damon, and for making his companion Caroline cry.

It is clear that he will do whatever is feasible for those he thinks often about. 

Enzo TVD: Actual Appearance

Enzo is exceptionally attractive, with short ebony hair, dim eyes, light olive skin, and a strong facial structure. He genuinely seems, by all accounts, to be in his mid-twenties despite being almost 100 years of age. Enzo presents a flippant demeanor in his appearance and we can see him with an arrogant smile, similar to his dear companion, Damon Salvatore. 

His style comprises of more obscure attire; dark shirts, scarves and thick coats, boots under obscured pants, and dark pants, albeit now and again we see him wearing lighter tones, which overall is a “terrible kid” style.

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Enzo TVD: Abilities

Enzo had every one of the standard forces and capacities of a non-Original vampire. 

In contrast to a portion of the other more youthful vampires, Enzo has high strength and resistance to torment, torment, hostile spells, and clairvoyant assaults, having been Augustine's “guinea pig” for around 70 years while suffering innumerable awful experimentations. We can see that he pierces himself with a wooden shaft with no apparent indications of inconvenience, just as having the option to immediately disregard the impacts (passing out and critical debilitating) of a focused vervain shot utilized on him by Tripp. 

Enzo is additionally a talented contender. He is truly sufficiently able to battle Stefan and Damon (independently) on close to approaching grounds, however at last almost losing his heart because of extraction from Damon. Given his age and ability, he like numerous others, was no counterpart for predominant otherworldly species, for example, Bonnie when she was the Supernatural Shamanistic Huntress.

He is additionally one of a handful of the vampires to communicate information and expertise in swordsmanship, having stood up to Julian, a vampire multiple occasions his age, in a sword battle and demonstrated very fit for fighting for himself. In any case, we must know that Julian eventually crushed Enzo. 

Most as of late, Enzo has shown that he has psychological guts past correlation with a vampire of his age (because of the Augustine tests). When alert, he can more than once fight off the clairvoyant assaults from Sybil who has possibly had the option to enter his psyche when previously shocked (her underlying delivery from the vault) and a second time when Damon struck his chest and held his heart.

Final Words

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