Enola Holmes 2 Release Date: Is There Going to Be a Netflix?

The second season of Enola Holmes should be coming up soon, since Netflix started filming it in October 2021, a few months after it was confirmed. It was said that Millie Bobby Brown would be back as Enola and Henry Cavill would be back as Sherlock Holmes. Writer Jack Thorne and director Harry Bradbeer would also be back.

“I can’t wait to work with my Enola Holmes family once more! Enola has a special place in my heart because she is brave, strong, smart, and not afraid of anything. I’m excited for fans to see how her journey goes on! “Brown said this about the news. Since then, we’ve heard the more exciting news about the cast to hold us over until the second movie comes out on Netflix.

Who Will Be the Cast of Enola Holmes 2?

Millie Bobby Brown will be back as Enola Holmes. Brown told EW that she “fell in love with her” while making the first movie. “With the Enola series of books… I really have hope for the future, “she was excited.

Henry Cavill will be back as Sherlock Holmes, but we don’t know if Sam Claflin will be back as Mycroft Holmes yet. It seems like they wouldn’t have any trouble getting Claflin back, though, if they wanted to.

Enola Holmes 2

He told Digital Spy, “I had so much fun with this role.” “I didn’t really know what to expect, but I fell in love with it and the people who were involved. I really liked the main character.”

Louis Partridge said that he would be back as Tewkesbury at Netflix’s TUDUM event in September 2021. He won’t be alone, though. Helena Bonham Carter, Adeel Akhtar, and Susan Wokoma will all be back as Eudora Holmes, Lestrade, and Edith, respectively.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster, David Thewlis, Hannah Dodd, Abbie Hern, Gabriel Tierney, and Serrana Su-Ling Bliss are all new to the fun in the second movie. At the moment, we don’t know who they are playing.

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What Will We Expect in the Plot of Enola Holmes 2?

We know the movie will be about Enola now that she is more involved in the detective world. According to Netflix, the official synopsis of the movie is: “Now a detective-for-hire like her famous brother, Enola Holmes takes on her first official case to find a missing girl, as the sparks of a dangerous conspiracy ignite a mystery that needs the help of friends—and Sherlock himself—to solve.”

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Enola Holmes 2 Release Date

Netflix has known for a while that there will be a second Enola Holmes movie, but we don’t yet know when it will come out.

As was said above, filming for the sequel began in October 2021, and by the end of November, Cavill announced that he had finished his last day on set. By January 2022, Netflix confirmed that the last scene of Enola Holmes 2 had been shot.

Since the first movie did well when it came out in the fall, it seems likely that the sequel will be on Netflix in September 2022.

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What Happens at the End of Enola Holmes?

If you want a summary of how the movie solves the mystery of the missing lord, we’ve got you covered. Here, though, we’re more interested at the end of Enola Holmes, where the Holmes family gets back together and Enola sets up what she’s going to do after the movie ends.

After saving the lord, Enola goes back to looking for her mother. She finally finds a message, supposedly from her mother, in a newspaper that tells her to meet her at the Royal Academy that night. Enola knows that Sherlock and Mycroft are just pulling a fast one on her, so she pretends to be a newspaper vendor to prove her point.

They leave feeling sad, but on their way out, Sherlock sees Enola’s old toy, a pine cone she called Dash that she played with as a child, so he knows she was there. Back in her room, Enola is surprised to see her mother, who apologizes for leaving her. Eudoria didn’t tell Enola where she was going because she was involved in the Suffragist movement and didn’t think it was “safe” to do so.

She tells Enola that she will always be there for her if she needs her; all Enola has to do is leave her a coded message in the newspaper as before. In her last speech to the camera, Enola says that she needs to find her mother “I now see that being alone doesn’t mean I have to be lonely” like the rest of her family.

Mother didn’t want that at all. She wanted me to find freedom, a future, and a reason for being here. “I am a detective, a decoder, and a person who helps lost souls find their way home. I control my own life. And we are in charge of the future.”

Enola Holmes 2

Enola is in town, and it’s likely that she’ll be taking some of Sherlock’s cases. Even though the story is very different, the end of the movie and the end of the first book, The Case of the Missing Marquess, put Enola in the same place. In the other five books in the series by Nancy Springer, Enola solves a variety of mysteries while avoiding her older brothers.

One of them even sees Enola use the language of flowers to save Dr John Watson. Bradbeer says that there is a lot to learn about the Holmes family in a follow-up, especially Enola’s mysterious mother. “I’m happy to say I don’t know exactly what she’s up to,” he told Decider.

“I know a lot, but I can’t say what it is. But I’m looking forward to what else she’s going to do. We’re going to find out more about her because she’s such an interesting person.

“If we do go back, there are still a lot of problems in this broken family. Not only in the country, which is in bad shape, but also in the family.”

Enola Holmes 2 Trailer

Even though filming for Enola Holmes 2 is over, we don’t expect to see anything from it any time soon. When Netflix announces the release date, it’s possible that we’ll see some footage, but for now, that’s just a guess.

Enola Holmes is on Netflix and can be watched there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Enola Holmes 2 Be About?

Millie plays the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, who goes looking for her missing mother. But when Enola’s other brother, Mycroft, has a different plan for her future, she has to figure out what happened to her mother before it’s too late.

Is Tewkesbury in the Second Enola Holmes Book?

Lord Tewkesbury doesn’t show up in any of the books after the first one, so the fact that he’s back in Enola Holmes 2 might be a surprise to fans of the series. Brown and Partridge did have great chemistry in Enola Holmes, and the sequel could have even more spellbinding scenes from them.


Netflix began filming the second season of Enola Holmes in October 2021, a few months after the show’s renewal was announced. we explain the end of Enola holmes and we expect the story of Enola holmes 2.