Enjoyable Shooter Games to Play on Your Smartphone in 2021

Console and PC platforms are generally the favored choice for the average gamer of today. This comes despite the well-documented issues regarding PS5 stocks and the fact that many angry console gamers haven’t been able to grab Sony’s latest gaming machine. Thankfully, the options aren’t just limited to console devices in today’s innovative climate.

In fact, while many people wait to purchase a PS5 or decide to steer clear of them altogether due to affordability issues, smartphone games have risen to even more prominence. Games like Among Us have recently become the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players, while other creations like Pokemon Go have established a large and dedicated community of trainers thanks to its unique and truly immersive augmented reality feature.

Many people are in the market for new games as the new year gets firmly underway. For some, shooter games are more appealing than others, although players are still tucking into the hundreds of exciting casino games at slotsheaven.com and sampling various puzzle creations and brain training games, too. Shooters provide something different, though. You can’t beat the thrill and excitement of a shooter, particularly on a smartphone.

In case you’re keen to add a shooter or two to your smartphone, here is a look at some of the best options right now.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t new, but it’s still one of the best shooters you can play on a smartphone. With more console-quality games now available on our more powerful smartphones, games like Call of Duty have won over even the staunchest of console fans. The online multiplayer game modes are particularly popular, especially if you’re looking to team up with any friends. The game did originally have a zombie mode, but Activision scrapped it in the end, although rumours are circulating that it could be back soon. Either way, Call of Duty is well worth downloading.

Gods of Boom

A PvP focussed shooter, Gods of Bloom is an all-action creation capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end. Players can be dropped in much like the famous Fortnite game, giving fans of the genre a familiar but also appealing experience full of chaos from the very start. There are new weapons and costumes to discover and battles to win in what is a truly brilliant game.

Shadowgun War Games

Madfinger Games has a solid reputation in the space, and they appear to have smashed it once again with Shadowgun War Games. After being compared to Overwatch by some, the game is a hero shooter with plenty to shout about. A 5v5 tactical shooter, you can unlock unique abilities, explore a variety of maps, sample new game modes, and test yourself against a large community of players.

PUBG Mobile

Another big release that has now found its way onto mobile, PUBG Mobile has been a popular battle royale game for a while now. The mobile version of the game perhaps isn’t brimming with players compared to other devices but it is still worth experiencing. Active players are ready and waiting as you look to reign supreme in one of the most epic games ever released.

NOVA Legacy

Originally called NOVA and available on smartphones in the past, this FPS video game series has been remastered by developers and is now back looking bigger and better than ever before under its new name of NOVA Legacy. The graphics have progressed dramatically, the audio has been improved, and the mechanic tweaks are a nice additional bonus. The game’s multiplayer game modes aren’t half bad either.

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