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‘Endeavour' is a British crime drama on television. It is a prelude to the long-running Inspector Morse series, which takes place mostly in Oxford. It's Shaun Evans who plays the youthful Endeavour Morse, starting his career with the Oxford City Police CID as a police constable and then as a detective sergeant.


Five series have followed since the pilot episode in 2012, all of which have been set in 1965, with the exception of 2015. It was set in 1966 for the second series, 1967 for the third series, and 1968 for the fourth series, respectively.

A total of six episodes were included in the fifth series that aired in 1968, followed by a new series that aired in 1969.  On 9 August 2020, Masterpiece Theatre aired the first episode of series seven, which was set in 1970, in the United States.

ITV confirmed in August 2019 that the eighth season of the show has been recommissioned. In March 2021, filming for the eighth season started and wrapped up in June 2021, which was set in 1971.


However, the eighth installment is the recent portion of the show or maybe the last one… which is not confirmed yet!

Endeavour Season 8

Endeavour Season 8- Storyline of Each Episode!

The Endeavour Season 8 has three episodes which are titled the Striker, Scherzo, and Terminus.

All three cover a major part of the Endevaour story that might be left in the former seasons. The first season of season 8 starts in January 1971. In spite of his fatigue, Endeavour finds himself back in the thick of things at the CID — he's crestfallen and seldom goes without his beloved Scotch in hand. Political repercussions might arise from a spectacular murder at an Oxford institution.

Oxford Wanderers' top striker is under attack from IRA, and Endeavour is charged with serving as his bodyguard and the first episode ends here.

Although the second scene was set in the month of May 1971. He was discovered deceased in the backseat of his cab with an enormous debt to another cab driver. A nudist community, where visitors are taking advantage of the spring sunlight and London's Soho, is the first stop on Endeavour and the team's investigation into his murder. At home, Endeavour has a visitor who brings back memories of a time in his life he wishes he could forget. Encounters with individuals close to Endeavour seem to be leading him into self-destruction while the inquiry into the killing of the taxi driver continues.

And in the closing scene of the show we see, after exiting a bus, a passenger is found dead. Morse was also on the bus, but he was so intoxicated that he could hardly speak. He manages to get on the bus again, but it becomes stuck in a snowdrift and he has to wait for help. At a motel where a massacre occurred years previously, the travelers seek safety. After then, the passengers begin to die.

Characters of Endeavour Season 8-

  •  Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse
  • Roger Allam as Fred Thursday
  • Anton Lesser as Reginald Bright
  • Jack Laskey as Peter Jakes
  • Sean Rigby as Jim Strange
  • James Bradshaw as Dr. Max DeBryn
  • Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil
  • Caroline O'Neill as Winifred Thursday
  • Sara Vickers as  Joan Thursday
  • Jack Bannon as Sam Thursday
  • Shvorne Marks as Monica Hicks
  • Simon Kunz as Bart Church
  • Dakota Blue Richards as Shirley Trewlove
  • Lewis Peek as George Fancy
  • Phil Daniels as Charlie Thursday
  • Claire Ganaye as Claudine
Name of The Series Endeavour
Release Date 2021
Category Web Series
No of Seasons Released 8

What Happened At The End of Endeavour Season 7?

In the closing episode of the seventh installment, we find, ‘Zenana‘, the body of Brigit Mulcahy is found by the canal. Carl Sturgiss also knew Brigit and is arrested plus charged with both her and Molly's murders. Thursday accuses and blames Morse for the fact they didn't charge Sturgiss earlier.

However, shortly the body of Petra Connolly is found near the canal, and Sturgiss is released.

Morse and Thursday argue again and Morse says he'll settle in for a shift. Morse has been in an affair with Violetta, but Ludo finds out about the affair and Violetta chooses to stay with her husband.

On the other hand, Thursday has to break it to Bright that his wife, who was in remission from cancer, has died in a freak accident.  Thursday is annoyed when he finds out that Morse fuses her death to his investigations into a spate of ‘freak accidents‘ around Oxford, but Strange agrees to help. Morse believes the ‘accidents' are due to someone buying up life insurance policies, then committing murder to cash in.

Strange discovers Sturgiss in a house where one of the accidents happened, and Morse comes in time to save Strange when he discovers Sturgiss has his sister captive. The towpath murders were committed by Sturgiss after all and the murder of Petra by a copycat.

Morse goes to Venice, as he believes Ludo is the person running the insurance scam and causing the accidents. Ludo meets Morse in a cemetery, kills Violetta, and flees. Ludo is shot by Thursday, who has followed Morse; Violetta dies in Morse's arms.

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