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Enchanted 2 – Disenchanted is Not Coming Anywhere Soon….

Enchanted 2

Do you remember the popular Disney series “Enchanted”? It’s been 12 years since the movie first released in the theatre. We have just crossed the 13 year anniversary of this Movie.

A decade ago, Disney confirmed to release the sequel of this movie. They promised to release Enchanted 2 in the year 2011 and now it's going to 9 years and we got nothing in hand.

So, in this article, we’ll tell you everything we know about “Enchanted 2” and “Disenchanted” and when you can expect to release this movie.

Additionally don’t get confused between Enchanted 2 and disenchanted they both are the same movie.

Is enchanted 2 going to release?

Over the last 10 years Enchanted have an on and off journey. But finally Enchanted 2 is confirmed. The long-awaited Disney movie Enchanted 2 will be soon on Disney+. Adam Shankman, the director of the movie post on his Instagram profile about this news.

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What is the release date of Enchanted 2?

In 2018, the director of the movie told that the Script is ready but didn’t talk anything about the release date. So we don’t know when will this movie release for us as there is no confirmation about the official date.

In addition in his post, he told that he just has to write the Music with Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz as they did in the first movie.

If there will be any confirmation about the date, we will be the first one to tell you. For that keep checking for more updates regarding any upcoming news.

Why Enchanted 2 is taking so much time?

The director of the movie is postponing the date for 10 years. Ughh! It’s a lot of time. Every time any news regarding Enchanted 2 comes up their fans got excited.

So, why this movie is taking so much time?

Last year, The music composer Menken shared that they are trying to find “the Right script”. And again in February Schwartz said that any hopes of Disenchanted anytime soon.

While in an interview with Digital Spy, he told

“At this point, we don’t know whether we’re not greenlit. We don’t know if Disney is actually going to make the movie or not,”

He furthermore added,

“But we are definitely working on it with the hope that we’ll come up with enough that Disney will feel that they want to go ahead and make the movie. But that is definitely being worked on.”

Later in March 2020, it was confirmed that the movie will be developing under Disney. At this typical time of Covid-19, we assume that we’ll not be able to see the movie before 2022 but also who knows? We might be wrong and we’ll love to get wrong 😁

Who is going to cast in Enchanted 2?

Imagine everyone’s favorite Amy Adams who plays the character of Giselle is not cast in the Enchanted 2? No, don’t imagine this because it is not going to happen. In all this mess of the movie, the one thing we’re sure about is Amy Adams is going to play because like all of us she also loves this movie.

Moreover In 2016,

Adams said that she's “not going to let anyone else play Giselle”.

In 2018, she again confirmed that she's still going to play her Character and “absolutely up for that”.

The same things go for James Marsden. He cast as Prince Edward but he gave some concerns regarding the movie which is taking so long time.

In an interview with, he said,

“They’ve been talking about making that movie for a while but I hope so, I hope we make it,”

He Furthermore added,

 “We’ve been fooled before that it was gonna happen, it didn’t happen. We should do it before we get too long in the tooth.”

Nothing more confirmation has done yet. But we do hope to see other cast members as previously. And if this doesn’t happen we’ll definitely be heartbroken.

What will be the plot of Enchanted 2?

Since nothing is officially released about the storyline of the movie. But we do know that the original plan of the movie maker for Enchanted 2 was to take place after a decade of the first movie.

Have you watch Enchanted? If you have then you know that at the last Giselle marry to his love Robert. But in the second part there’ll be a twist. We will come to know more about her life. What happened after she gets married to Robert? She started to doubt her life after marriage. Furthermore she accidentally do certain things which will affects others life too.

What does she actually do? She accidentally transfer the people of Andalasia to the animated world and vice versa. And because of all this the real world of Andalasia will get a serious hit too.

What are Fan’s opinion regarding Enchanted 2 ?

So, we have gathered Fan’s thoughts regarding the Enchanted 2 for you. If you have anything regarding this to say, feel free to write in the comment section below.

A reddit user, Richardrumeo said,

Hey Disney, where is my sequel to 2007 Enchanted movie?

Just watched the movie last night, it was so good… perfection.

Am a very big fan of Amy Adams especially after watching Arrival but lord, enchanted is her best performance. The plot is really well done and the everyone from the cast is superb. The movie has the right cheese and humor plus the musical number is seriously memorable and perfect

Am also a big fan of the animated plus live action stuff together. Heard a sequel was in development for some time now…I seriously need it. The entire cast also needs to return. It will definitely be intriguing where the plot goes from the first one.


1. Is Enchanted 2 will come ever?

Yes, it is confirmed that the sequel of 2007 movie Enchanted will be come. We don’t know exact when but it will surely come. The movie will definitely going to release on Disney+.

2. What will Enchanted 2 be about?

Enchanted 2 will be foucus of the after life of Giselle. She accidentally send the people of real world to an animated place and because of all this Everything got messed up.

3. Will Amy Adams is going to be in Enchanted 2?

Yes, it is confirmed by Shankman that Amy Adams will be play the character of Giselle as before. She herself confirm that she will not give this role to anybody else.

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