Emma Grede Net Worth 2022: How Rich is She With Her Partner?

Emma Grede is among the world's richest businesswomen, as evidenced by her astounding wealth! According to a number of sources. Continue reading to learn how Emma makes her money.

Brief Information About Emma Grede

Name Emma Grede 
D.O.B September 23, 1982
Profession Business Women
Nationality American
Net Worth $360 Million

Early Life: Parents and Education

Emma was born on September 23, 1982, to a Jamaican-Trinidadian father and an English mother. With her three younger siblings, Katie, Rachelle, and Charlotte, she grew up in East London, England.

Their mother, who worked for the global investment firm Morgan Stanley, reared them all in Plaistow. Grede was therefore exposed to finance at a young age.

Emma Grede Net Worth

Emma studied business at the London College of Fashion. She did, however, leave the college and never returned after securing an internship at Gucci.

Net Worth of Emma Grede

As of 2022, American entrepreneur Emma Grede has a $360 million net worth. She is well recognized for being the co-founder, CEO, and founding partner of “Good American” and “SKIMS.”

According to filmy siyappa, The American businesswoman Emma Grede is worth $360 million.


She joined the group of sharks that also included Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O'Leary. Her yearly earnings as of 2022 are about $25 million.

Emma' S Personal Life

It is widely known that Emma Grede is wed to Jens Grede. She found Jens to be a business partner, and their relationship developed further as a result. On July 28, 2008, she wed her spouse, and the two of them now have two children. They had a daughter named Lola and a son named Grey.

Even in her interviews, she expressed a desire to teach in her kids the values she learnt growing up in a working-class home. Emma Grede devotes a lot of time to women's empowerment and charity work while serving as the ambassador for Baby2Baby.

Emma Grede Net Worth

She is a type of entrepreneur that aspires to tremendous heights while also wanting the same for every other woman in the world. In order to be a decent mother and a successful businesswoman, she even makes an effort to spend quality time with her kids.

Additional Success

In 2018, saw the purchase of Independent Talent Brand by public relations firm Rogers & Cowan. Grede consequently resigned from her role as the company's CEO. She then began other business endeavors.

In 2019, she joined forces with Kim Kardashian to launch the Skims shapewear brand with her husband, Jens Grede. Together with legendary football player Tom Brady, Jens and Emma have co-founded the Frame denim line and the clothing business BRADY.

Later, she co-founded the cleaning product company Safely with Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner. In season thirteen of the programme, Emma Grede started to appear frequently as a guest investor.

One of Skims' Original Partners is Emma Grede

Emma is not only a founding partner and board director of Kim Kardashian's clothing line, Skims. Working for two large corporations is undoubtedly a difficult undertaking, but Emma excels at multitasking and assertiveness.

In June 2021, the mother of two—who has two children, son Grey and daughter Lola with husband Jens Grede—told Glamour U.K. that she is “very, very excellent at prioritizing and I say no to a lot of stuff.” “I just say no to anything if I feel like it won't help me get closer to a goal, and that's where I have to be brutal!”

Co-founder and CEO of Good American is Emma Grede

Yes, as in the very well-known clothing line owned by Khloé Kardashian! The former Kourtney Kardashian star told in October 2021, “We developed Good American to answer a desperate demand for a fashion business that's inclusive in every aspect and empowers all women.”

One of the many reasons Khloé was “attracted” to work with Emma was her “knowledge of what it means to be a woman today,” she said.

“I never intended to start a business that was founded on diverse values. That is what inevitably occurs when a Black woman leads a business. I make decisions using this perspective that I grew up with,” Emma told Bustle. “The women in my family are very curvaceous, and I don't want to rule out a huge group of individuals just because fashion isn't interested in or capable of handling it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Emma Grede is how old?

Emma Grede, who is 40 years old and was born in 1982, was born.

How are the Kardashians related to Emma?

She founded Good American with the Kardashians. She became acquainted with the Kardashians in this way. They helped her begin her business in 2016.

How did Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede meet?

When Grede presented the idea of Good American to Kris with Khloé in mind as a potential collaborator, Kris pushed her to speak to her daughter directly. The two would frequently cross paths in Paris during fashion week. They grew close right away.

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