Who Is Emma Chamberlain Dating? Her Life and Previous Relationships Are Here!

American internet sensation Emma Frances Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001, with a focus on YouTube. She received the Breakout Creator Streamy Award for 2018.

Through her videos, Emma is known for letting viewers into practically every aspect of her life, yet at 21 years old and with over 11 million followers, the influencer keeps her love life a very private matter.

Who Is She?

Her inclusion on Time magazine's Time 100 Next list and list of the 25 most influential people online in 2019 was noted in the publication's article, which stated that Chamberlain “pioneered a strategy to vlogging that shook up YouTube's unofficial style guide.” Anything Goes, originally known as Stupid Genius, was her first weekly podcast series that she started in April 2019. At the 12th Shorty Awards, Chamberlain subsequently took home the prize for “Best Podcaster.” She has also served as an ambassador for Cartier and Louis Vuitton since 2019 and 2022, respectively.

Emma Chamberlain Dating

The first episode of Chamberlain's weekly podcast Anything Goes (previously Stupid Genius), which is produced by Ramble Official in collaboration with Cadence13 and United Talent Agency and also creates podcasts for YouTubers Rhett & Link and Smosh, debuted on April 11, 2019. On the show, Chamberlain tries to create an ongoing conversation about any issue or topic. She speaks on a variety of subjects, including relationships, mental health, fashion, and gut instincts. It can be found on numerous podcasting sites, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others. Anything Goes got the Pop Podcast prize at the 47th People's Choice Awards.

Is Emma Chamberlain Dating Someone?

The American YouTuber, age 21, is probably currently unmarried. Emma Chamberlain makes it a point to avoid the spotlight and to be quite private while discussing her personal life. Emma may not be openly dating anyone, but there is a chance that she is seeing someone in private. So it's definitely risky to draw conclusions too quickly.

We can never be completely certain because the information regarding Emma Chamberlains' boyfriends and previous relationships varies.

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According to rumours, Emma is seeing Tucker Pillsbury, better known by his stage name Role Model. American singer Pillsbury, 24, blew through the music world in 2017 when he released the EP Arizona in the Summer. Emma has decided to keep as much of that part of her life private as she can.

I don't like to offer too much information on very, very sensitive areas of my relationships with my family or friends, the woman added.

“I try not to display that too much. There is a line for me, and I prefer to keep things lighthearted and unimportant. She confessed, “I don't know whether I would ever have a public relationship, ever.” And in no way is this based on experience; rather, it is based on morality; I am speaking from what would feel right, “She spoke out.

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Previous Relationships of Emma Chamberlain

Ethan Dolan

There were many rumours of a relationship between Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan in July 2019. After a SoulCycle date, a reporter inquired about whether or not they were “official” as she and he had been good friends since 2018. Chamberlain's reply was evasive. “Have we said it? Not yet,” she said.

Emma Chamberlain Dating

The odds of Chamberlain and Dolan making their supposed affair official vanished, though, as she expressed her feelings against public romances a few months later.

Aaron Hull

“Learning to Skateboard to Impress a Boy” is a YouTube video that Chamberlain uploaded in November 2019. Although that doesn't exactly reveal a lot of information, followers knew it was TikToker Aaron Hull.

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Hull did discuss their “true relationship” in a YouTube video from September 2020.

Emma Chamberlain Dating

He said that they had an “amazing” connection and dated for around five months (beginning with a DM from Chamberlain in the early fall of 2019). But ultimately they decided to cancel. Distance and all, the formula was just too complicated. I believe, from my perspective,” he continued. Hull also addressed January 2020 cheating rumours. No, I didn't cheat on Emma, and I never wanted our relationship to end badly, but at that point, nothing I did could change it, he insisted.

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“Emma was the best girlfriend, I couldn't ask for more from her,” he continued. She was extremely encouraging “.

Tucker Pillsbury

Chamberlain talked about a nightmare she had about “someone cheating” on her in a May 2021 episode of her podcast Anything Goes. Many of her followers took her admission that she had actually called the unidentified person from her dream while she was awake as proof that she was in a relationship.

Emma Chamberlain Dating
Although Chamberlain hasn't confirmed anything, in March 2022, she posed with Pillsbury on the red carpet of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and in May 2022, she shrugged off Jack Harlow's advances at the Met Gala. Fans, though, are largely convinced that Chamberlain and Pillsbury are still active.

Although Chamberlain's true relationship status may never be revealed, it is clear that she and Pillsbury share something special.

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