Elfen Lied Season 2- Quite Energetic Series

Elfen Lied is one of the best edgiest and violent anime series. Do you love anime series? If you are in search of any trending anime series then you don’t have to go anywhere else.

The series (Elfen Lied Season 2) follows Lucy who is one of the newly reputed species named Diclonius. While walking outside, Lucy got injured. Finally she developed a child-like perso. Elfen Lied spins around the interactions, views, emotions and differences between human beings and the Diclonii.

Elfen Lied Season 2

Diclonii is quite similar to humans but distinguish by 2 horns on their head and transparent controlled arms having power to manipulate and cut objects easily.

Keeping your eagerness and excitement for the anime series in mind, I’m going to share the relevant info about Elfen Lied Season 2. As the 1st Season aired, all the fans (including me) are waiting for the next installment.

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Elfen Lied Season 2

What is Elfen Lied Season 2?

Elfen Lied Season 2 is completely based on a Japanese manga series. It is written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It is produced by Arms Corporation and directed by Mamoru Kanbe.

Initially, it was premiered on TV Tokyo’s AT- X satellite on 25th July 2004. The series was originally serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005 with 107 chapters. Let’s have a look over the plotline of the series to know more in depth……..

What Happens in the 2nd Season of Elfen Lied? | The Plotline of Elfen Lied Season 2

What is it about?

The anime was introduced when the manga was in publication. So don’t expect that the plot of both the manga and the show is same. The show only follows 7 volumes of the manga. The end of the anime is quite exclusive.

Elfen Lied Season 2

Elfen Lied Season 2 begins with the main protagonist, Lucy. Lucy is portrayed as a completely different breed of human which has two devil horns coming out of her head. She is that much capable to use telekinetic hands of range 2 meters. Just because of her strange abilities, she becomes the victim of government experiments. She bounded in an isolated facility by the government.

Later one day, finally she gets an opportunity to escape. At that time, she brings the whole place down with unleashing havoc of gore and bloodshed. While trying to escape, a sniper tries to kill Lucy. But she survives the gunshot and got an injury that leads her to suffer. One of her known is a brutal cold- blooded killer and the other is an innocent child called Nyu.

One day, Lucy crosses the path with 2 college teenagers who carried away by her innocence and take her as a fugitive. The government hires one of the best men to get rid of Lucy and to track her. The 2 teenagers get dragged into the shadiest part of the government conspiracies with Lucy.

Cast/ Characters of Elfen Lied Season 2

  • Sanae Kobayashi as Lucy
  • Chihiro Suzuki as Kouta
  • Mamiko Noto as Yuka
  • Emiko Hagiwara as Mayu
  • Yuki Matsuoka as Nana
  • Osamu Hosoi as Kurama

Above mentioned names are the main (leading) characters of the series that made the show mind blowing for all the fans.

When Will Elfen Lied Season 2 Be On Our Screen? | The Release Date of Elfen Lied Season 2

Initially, the 1st Season of Elfen Lied premiered on 25th July, 2004 with 13 episodes and ended on 17th October, 2004. It has been a long time since Elfen Lied Season 1 concluded. As per this long time, there is no possibility of getting the next Season (the 2nd installment).

Elfen Lied Season 2

Arms Studio has completely forgotten it by now. But if you are interested then you can binge on manga or anime. Even to get entertain you can check the similar stuff written by the manga artist named, Lynn Okamoto.

If any change will occur then the anime will get renewal. Very soon I will let you know the exact release date of Elfen Lied Season 2. Let’s hope any miracle will happen so that we will get the premiere date……….

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Trailer of Elfen Lied Season 2

The above given video is the trailer of the series. With this you will get to know what actually the 2nd Season of Elfen Lied is………

Is There Any English Dub of Elfen Lied Season 2?

As I told you earlier, there is no official announcement for the release date. So, there is no info about the English Dub. But I can share you some info regarding the 1st Season.

The English Dub of Elfen Lied Season 1 is available on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, VRV and AnimeLab.

Final Words

Elfen Lied Season 2 is one of the best Japanese manga series. It becomes favorite of all the fans (including me). Basically, the show revolves around Lucy who is similar with humans but have 2 horns on her head which is a main difference. But no info regarding the release date let’s hope the announcement as soon as possible……..

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