Electric Dreams Season 2: When We Get The Sequel? Brand New Updates!


Channel 4 show Electric Dreams! is inspired by the work( short stories) of Philip K. Dick. The show airs for the first time on 17 September 2017 in the United Kingdom and on 12 January 2018 in the United Kingdom. The dream is a science-fiction drama which is developed by Ronald D Moore and Michael Dinner and originated in the United States. The first season ended with ten episodes which are 50 minutes long and cover the story of Sarah who is a policewoman living with George.

George isn't the normal guy! He is a brilliant game developer in the reel who is living in the present but a bit away from Sarah because she lives in the future. The connection is unique! which is the reason even after three years the show is still in the heart of their audience but when we get the second installment?


Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date

The show is formerly planned to run by AMC first but later revealed that Channel 4 solely release the show with Amazon Prime Video and Sony Television but none of them have said anything about the Electric Dreams Season 2 that might be a sign of cancellation or maybe they are busy with other inventories.

Release date of Electric Dreams Season 2


This indicates that the second season of Electric Dreams is possible and will have a massive audience. Even after more than three years, fans anticipate the second installment with the same fervor and anticipation. However, the official team has not yet made an announcement regarding season 2. This has both positive and negative aspects. It is reassuring that the series has not been formally canceled, but its creators have not disclosed any information concerning its future. We also hope that the second season of Electric Dreams is successful.

It is true that the series' future is uncertain, and it may take some time to become evident. Additionally, we anticipate that the second season of this English science fiction series will premiere in 2022 or 2023.

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Where We Can Stream The Series?

The show is available to watch on Global Entertainment Channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and Hulu. You can stream the show there for free but not completely free!!! because you have to buy the subscription package.

The Plotline of Electric Dreams Season 2-

The show is based on the short clips of Philip K. Dick that might change your thought about seeing the universe. In the show, you'll see exploration, adventure, sci-fiction, and the most important significance of humanity.

Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date

So, in the second season, we hope to see the same concept but maybe with some new storyline!  Moreover like the dates, the plot is also in the room dark. When we get more about this then we will drop more in this section.


Whom We Gonna Meet In Electric Dreams Season 2?

There are chances to see the old actors getting back together for the show because usually, we see the former actors reunite for a sequel with some new faces. We don't know the new faces but we can recall the names of the chief actors.

Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date

  • Bryon Cranston as Silas
  • Steve Buscemi as Ed Morris
  • Anna Paquin as Sarah
  • Timothy Spall as Ed Jacobson
  • Greg Kinnear as George
  • Richard Madden as Agent Ross
  • Benedict Wong as Andrews
  • Holiday Grainger as Honor
  • Liam Cunningham as General Olin

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Ratings- Electric Dreams!

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Dick's work has given 72% with an average audience score of 75% with mixed user reviews.  Meanwhile the other rating meters like IMDb and TV.com 7.3 and 6.7 out of 10.

The ratings are average right? This is a green signal that maybe we get the Dream series in the future…

Do We Have Any Official Taserr of Electric Dreams 2?

I know many of you might have seen so many videos titling themself as the “official teaser” but after the end of the video, you found that Oh! It's fan-made this is because the endorsed teaser isn't released at this tempo.

We could hope to see the teaser a few weeks before the dispatch of the show's second installment but you can enjoy the former teaser as a substitute.

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Terminus Lines

There is no major information regarding the release of “Electric Dreams Season 2” because the show is neither confirmed nor canceled by the creators, so it's becoming difficult to jump to any conclusion at this time, so it's better to wait for the forthcoming updates.

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