Live. Die. Repeat. | Will Edge of Tomorrow 2 Renewed Or Canceled?


What if I tell you there will be no Edge of Tomorrow 2? Heartbreaking, right but have you heard the statement of the creators about the second installment, if no then you are on the right track.

In this we have tried to cover everything we know so far about the Edge of Tomorrow 2, so let's start the article with this dialogue 🙂


“What The Hell, Were You Thinking.”

Don't take this serious, it is just dialogue from the Edge, now diving into the second part 🙂

Movie/Series Name  Edge of Tomorrow 2
Movie Genre American science fiction action film
Release Date Not Announced


Edge of Tomorrow 2

The Edge of Tomorrow is an American science fiction movie which is directed by  Doug Liman and starring the sexiest men Tom Cruise, I know if you are a woman, then he is your crush, don't be shy 😉 Coming to our topic Edge of Tomorrow 2.


The very first installment is released in the year 2014 and now we are at the end of 2021, it's been a very long run for the second installment, what do you think?

In the next section we have mentioned some details regarding the release, have a glance at that too.

What is The Official Release of Edge of Tomorrow 2?

The release of the Edge of Tomorrow 2 is not confirmed yet, but there are many controversies about this that it will be going to happen soon anytime, but I don't think so this will happen like if it would happen then there must be a little news for the release or even some tweets about the working or renewal productions.

Now you must be wondering, what is the expected release?

Till now we can not say anything but when we get the trailer we will update the relevant information in our article soon for you, in the meantime, you can check our latest article on the Platipus B.V. Slots and Casinos.

Edge of Tomorrow IMDb And Users Reviews

I know there are many people who just skip the rating section, but you know this is the most important section because this will help you to understand whether the entertainment media is suitable for you or not.

I must recommend you to check the ratings and audience reviews.

  • IMDb-7.9/10

IMDb Reviews

Toofancorp13 June 2020
“Re-watched it again for the first time in years and it is still amazing. If you are into sci-fi, video games, action, adventure, etc this is a MUST-watch film. Emily and Tom really came at this with their A GAME, and really when you think about how absurd/nerdy the concept can be it's much appreciated.”
“The dialogue was also really well written and the editing top-notch. I think about the multitude of ways you can really screw this up and they didn't is so impressive. I am shocked the director has not done a follow-up or sci-fi film since.”


“It's so amazing in every way. Humorous, thrilling sci-fi, solid plot, top-notch acting, even the romance; this movie's got it all. Without a doubt a must-watch.”
Harry Mitchell
“This is a great film, quite underrated. It's actually a classic in my view, the action is really well done but it's funny and the characters have some depth, so it's got that same X factor that die-hard and other action classics have. Watch it many times. You won't regret it. Now… time for some PT.”
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Edge of Tomorrow 2 Trailer

Not, yet we don't have the actual trailer for the Edge of Tomorrow because the creators are lip locked for the second installment that it will happen or not.

But you can watch this informative video in which you find a number of notifications and release schedules.

Edge of Tomorrow Dialogue

  • “Live Die Repeat.”
  • Come Find Me When You Wake Up.”
  • “What The Hell, Were You Thinking.”
  • “Have I Got Something On My Soldier?
  • “What I Am About To Die.”
  • “You Sounds Crazy.”
  • “But You To Listen To Me.”
  • “You See This Isn't The First Time.”

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch Edge of Tomorrow 2?

You a watch the Edge of Tomorrow on the Amazon Prime Videos but for the second installment, you have to wait a bit more, once it is released by the officials it will be on Amazon for online streaming.

When Will We Have the Edge of Tomorrow 2?

There is no exact date for the Edge of Tomorrow but yes, there is a statement of Christopher that there will be a second installment, which simply means that we will be going to have an edge of tomorrow second very soon.

Is Edge of Tomorrow Available on Netflix?

If you are looking to watch the Edge of Tomorrow on Netflix, then you need to shift from this because the Edge of Tomorrow is not available to stream on Netflix but no worries there are many alternative platforms where you can watch this Drama by Christopher like Amazon Prime Videos and Fox.

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Bottom Lines

This article is completely inspired by this drama named Edge of Tomorrow by Christopher McQuarrie and Jez Butterworth. The fans are waiting for the actual release but there is no confirmation yet. Till then stay tuned with for the latest updates about this drama. In the meantime, you can also check our website that covers all the upcoming and ongoing series of Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and more.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the Edge of Tomorrow then feel free to ask us directly at our mail or in our comment section, we would love to clear your queries.

Ending this article with this cool dialogue from the Edge of Tomorrow.

“Master Sergeant Farell: Battle is the Great Redeemer.”