Eau Claire athletes and coaches discuss what fall sports in the spring will look like


The postponing of the fall sports gives student-athletes additional preparation time

After WIAA cancelled the fall sports, Eau Claire school district becomes the first school in Chippewa Valley to announce postponing of the fall sports to spring. While rumours were rife about postponement of the fall sports, the official announcement has left the athletes in a worrisome state. The students are now forced to make tough decisions on their enrollment for the next school year. 

Michael Johnson, Eau Claire school superintendent in his statement said that despite the disappointing news for student-athletes, coaches, staff and families, moving forward, the best decision is to protect the community health.  

The sports affected due to the news at Eau Claire Memorial and Eau Claire North are football, boys soccer, volleyball, boys and girls cross country, girls swimming, girls tennis, girls golf, and cheer and stunt.

School Coaches React:

This decision has also garnered mixed reaction from the administration and teachers in different schools. 

Eau Claire North’s football coach Andy Jarzynski found the decision as a series of losses for the kids. With many activities that the students look out for the most being cancelled, the morale is down among the high school students.

Mike Sinz, football coach at Memorial High School on the other hand has assured everyone that the school will make the most of the given opportunity. 

A senior lineman at Eau Claire North High, John Hedrington , told that initially they were bummed but are just grateful for having a season at all even if it’s in the spring. 

The bright side of postponement:

The silver lining from having to play football in the spring will be the extra preparation the teams will get before they hit the field again. 

The extra lifting, sprinting and working out will benefit the inexperienced young athletes to develop their skills further. 

On the downside, athletes who planned to play collegiate sports may miss out on their senior season. 

The other factor that might affect the fall athletes is the weather. From either a really wet day from early thaw to 20 inches of snow, athletes might face some difficulty. We suppose all that extra preparation would certainly help now. 

WIAA’s plan for spring season:

Eau Claire school is eagerly waiting to see which other district will postpone their fall sports to spring. At present, Eau Claire and La Crosse are the only districts that have cancelled the fall sports

WIAA, Green Bay and Appleton are some that announced postponement even before Eau Claire Schools finalized. 

The WIAA Board of Control passed a plan that allowed schools the flexibility to play fall sports in wither the fall or spring depending on the sport. This model will include regular winter and spring seasons but will be compressed to fit in the alternate spring season. Despite the overlapped seasons, the athletes will at least be able to participate with school board approval at the same time.

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