Dylan Sprouse Engaged to Barbara Palvin After 5 Years of Dating!

According to reports, Dylan Sprouse proposed to Barbara Palvin, his longtime girlfriend.

According to a source speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, Dylan and Barbara are engaged. They are overjoyed and have been showing off her ring to others.

The insider continued, “They’re always very much in love with one another and by each other’s sides, but they’re much happier than usual. They are eager to begin their new journey together.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel ignited engagement rumours earlier this month when she appeared at the Mammoth Film Festival with a diamond ring on that finger.

Palvin appeared on the red carpet sans the sparkler, but later that evening she was pictured with what appeared to be new jewellery.

After Sprouse slipped into Palvin’s DMs, the two began dating in 2018. But, the model took nearly 6 months to respond to his playful remark.

“I said, ‘Well, I doubt you’ll be in New York for long, but if you want to, we should hang out. “This is my number,” W Magazine recalled Sprouse.

Palvin clarified that she delayed responding because she “wasn’t in a good mentality at the moment, and maybe deep down I sensed that it could be something more.”

Dylan Sprouse Engaged to Barbara Palvin After 5 Years of Dating

From matching on red carpets to Sprouse surprising Palvin with Shake Shack after walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the pair has since emerged as one of the internet’s most popular couples.

Yet the Disney Channel alum and model didn’t understand they were destined to be until they were separated during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In 2020, he told ET, “What we’ve come out noticing is that we’re incredibly compatible.

We seem to understand when to give each other space. We are aware of each other’s space demands. We’ve already established specific divisions of labour around the house. I believe that our bond is stronger than ever.

When Was Rumors of Engagement Between Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse Started?

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin ignited engagement rumours at the beginning of March. The Mammoth Film Festival was attended by them. The beauty from Hungary was spotted wearing a diamond ring. The pair declined to speak when the photographers asked them about it. Although it appears that Dylan and Barbara are engaged, neither of them has formally announced it.

About the Romance Between Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse

Since 2018, Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin have been dating. The former star of Suite Life of Zack and Cody slipped into Barbara’s DMs, which is when their love affair began. The actor said that he texted the woman and invited her to hang out. He also mentioned that he gave the model his phone number, but she didn’t call for six months.

Dylan Sprouse Engaged to Barbara Palvin After 5 Years of Dating

Dylan added that once Barbara texted him, they quickly grew close and began dating. The couple revealed that they moved in together months after beginning their romance in an interview with W magazine.

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