What Does DTB Mean on Tiktok? Is There Any Alternate Meaning of This Slang?


TikTok and its millions of active users are continually inventing new trends and slang. It's always fascinating to get into the app and watch what appears to be a totally new language being used in front of your eyes; you're not alone if you're having problems keeping up.

Currently, some TikTokers are confused about the most recent fad sweeping the Internet. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of DTB, you need to look no further. Here is an explanation of TikTok‘s most recent linguistic trend for the heartbroken content creators of recent times.


What does DTB mean on TikTok?

TikTok with trust concerns uses the acronym DTB based on the virality of all TikTok videos to date. A user identified as better posted a video of herself dancing in front of the acronym DTB with the clear explanation, “DTB = don't trust boys.”

Another user uploaded a video to TikTok in which she holds the chin of a young male who viewers can infer is a potential romantic interest. She quickly turns away from the guy's lips with a sneer on her face rather than kissing him. She tags the video with “DTB” as expected. Many TikTokers have made it very obvious that they do not trust the men in their lives.


What is DTB's Alternative meaning?

While half of “DTB” users are lamenting their loss of trust in males, the other half is conveying a different message. Some, mainly male, users interpret DTB to mean “Don't trust b—-us.” In a video uploaded by the user @imsmoothcody, he vents about his present relationship condition to the camera.

In the video, he states, “My emotions are not designed to be manipulated… If you see that I'm beginning to like you, but you don't like me, and you know that we will never be anything… then conclude or say anything” He included numerous hashtags to his video, and DTB is almost probably one of them.

Another video features a man with a mask covering the bulk of his face staring at the camera. The on-screen text reads, “Your chapter in my book has ended, but I cannot turn the page for some reason.” The music in the background is “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo, which is about a very convoluted affair.

This user's hashtag area is loaded with numerous sad words and one acronym: “DTB.” So there you go! TikTok is filled with tales of heartache, betrayal, and mistrust due to the “DTB” habit. We hope you won't need to participate, but in case you do, you now know how.

However, sometimes people opt to put a more positive spin on this term by creating videos with the phrase “DTB except for…” in which they express gratitude for their current spouse. DTB could also imply “don't text back” in certain settings; however, this meaning is significantly less popular on TikTok than the other meanings.

There is so much distinct slang terminology used daily on TikTok, and new ones are constantly being produced and promoted. If you're perplexed by other common app terminology, you can consult this guide to learn more about the platform's most prevalent expressions.