When Will Aishwarya’s Movie Driver Jamuna Be Released on OTT Platforms?

There has been an increase in the number of movies that have been made available on OTT platforms since the start of the new year. The previous year was a reasonably active one for the Tamil film industry, with a number of critically acclaimed films being released and earning respectable sums at the box office. 

There was a subsequent release of a number of these movies on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, which meant that you could view your favorite movie without leaving the convenience of your own home. Despite the fact that the movies that have previously been released have attracted a considerable audience, more movies are now in production, which is guaranteed to pique the attention of fans of Tamil cinema.

Driver Jamuna is the latest eccentric drama written and directed by Vathikuchi, who is well known for his work on Kinslin. The film is led by the actress Aishwarya Rajesh, who also plays the title character of Jamuna in the movie. It is a production of 18 Reels, which is owned and operated by SP Chowthari. 

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The entire movie is accompanied by melodies and soundtracks that are hypnotizingly performed by Music Director Ghibran. Is it possible to stream or download the movie using OTT platforms? Continue reading to find out.

Driver Jamuna Movie OTT Release Date

Driver Jamuna Movie OTT Release Date

The theatrical premiere was originally planned to take place in November, and the filmmakers have now notified audiences that Aha Tamil has purchased the digital rights to the film. Additional information pertaining to the digital release has not been disclosed as of yet. 

Aishwarya Rajesh took to Twitter in order to announce the specifics of the movie’s premiere in theatres, and she wrote: “Finally v r coming in November. #DriverJamuna is all set to release in theatres from November.”

However, after some time has passed, the release date of the Aishwarya Rajesh thriller film Driver Jamuna moves from November 11 to December 30, 2022.

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Who is in the Cast of Driver Jamuna?

The title character, which is that of a taxi driver, is being played by the actress Aishwarya. The actress did an excellent job of preparing for her role by engaging in conversation with a large number of female cab drivers.

In order to create a strong female-centric character, she observed the mannerisms and body language of the female cab drivers. It is said that she herself carried out potentially dangerous scenes without the use of any dupes or special effects.

In addition to the starring actress, the film also stars:

  • Adukalam Narain
  • Sriranjani
  • Pandian
  • Manikandan
  • Kavitha Bharathi
  • Rajesh 

Ghibran is responsible for composing the songs for the movie, which was produced and directed by P. Kinslin.

Aishwarya Rajesh was most recently seen in the film Suzhal, which is now available on Amazon Prime Video and has garnered outstanding feedback from both film critics and moviegoers. In the upcoming film Farhana, directed by Nelson Venkatesan, she will play the role of Farhana.

She shared the first look of the film on social media, and she stated, “Meet #Farhana, a woman of strength and confidence and a picture of elegance!! A character crafted to perfection by director Nelson Venkatesan!! Very proud to release this first look!!”

What Happens in the Driver Jamuna Movie?

Jamuna (Aishwarya Rajesh) decided to become a taxi driver after the death of her father (also a driver). Due to the shock of losing Jamuna’s father, Jamuna’s mother is in the final stages of her illness. Jamuna takes up her father’s job as a taxi driver against her aunt’s vehement objections. Three suspicious-looking individuals are delivered to Jamuna by a long-distance transport one day.

Driver Jamuna Movie OTT Release Date

She denies the ride at first and has one of the others cancel it for her. But she agrees to come along with them when they ask. She soon figures out that they are professional killers on their way to execute a local preacher. Will Jamuna be able to defend herself? The story revolves around this basic idea.

Driver Jamuna is the kind of film that needs time to sink in before it makes sense. The bulk of the suspense is saved for the final 10 minutes, which isn’t everyone’s preferred structure for a thriller. Still, the story displays considerable ingenuity, especially in the way it makes everything seem predictable for the sake of tricking the audience with a brilliant surprise.

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 The movie’s action sequences in the automobile are among its highlights. Since they are authentically choreographed, they stand as examples of the film’s strengths. If additional suspenseful elements had been incorporated into the story, this film might have been more interesting.

Driver Jamuna Trailer

Even though Aishwarya does an excellent job playing the lead part, the rest of the cast doesn’t really contribute that much to the performance overall. Here is the trailer of the movie: