Drink Masters Release Date is Out: Check All Updates About Netflix’s Reality Show

Drink Masters is a prospective reality television programme that combines the cuisine and reality genres. Tim Warren and Matthew Hornburg built the programme together. The show is rumoured to be produced by a Canadian business masquerading as an American one. Drink Masters is a Netflix original series, a partnership between the show’s producers and the hugely popular online streaming provider Netflix. The involved production companies are marblemedia and Boomerang Productions Media.

Drink Masters Release Date

The release date for Drink Master is October 28, 2022. The programme will be available on Netflix’s online streaming service. The creators of the show have not yet disclosed where else the episodes of the series will be available for streaming.

Given that Netflix is the original distributor of the show and that Drink Masters is one of Netflix’s original shows, it may not be made available on other online streaming services. Therefore, the audience may only be able to stream the show on Netflix.

Where Can I Stream Drink Masters?

The forthcoming reality television series Drink Masters will be accessible on Netflix. The release of the show on other internet streaming services has not yet been reported. After the official release of the series on Netflix, it is anticipated that it would be available to stream on several online streaming pirated websites, such as fmovies, dailymotion, Pikashow, and many others.

Drink Masters Release Date is Out: Check All Updates About Netflix's Reality Show

Drink Masters Plot

The plot of Drink Master will centre on a group of highly trained mixologists and their endeavours to create unique new beverages by blending and combining liquids. Attempting to make new mind-blowingly delicious cocktails. There will be a total of twelve extremely accomplished mixologists from across North America battling for the ultimate battle and the renowned title of Drink Master of all time.

The contenders will be given a time limit, and the bartenders will be shaking, swirling, and pouring exotic ingredients, magical concoctions, and elixirs to produce the most delectable cocktails. Frankie Solarik and Julie Reiner, the show’s judges, will evaluate and score the participants’ beverages based on the style of presentation, the unique flavour, and the timely completion of tasks.

The Cast of Drink Masters

Julie Reiner and Frankie Solarik, the show’s two judges, will comprise the Drink Masters cast. Tone Bell will also participate in the reality competition and serve as the series’ host.

Drink Masters Release Date is Out: Check All Updates About Netflix's Reality Show

Twelve highly-skilled mixologists from across North America will also be featured prominently in the next show. The show’s creators have selected renowned mixologists from New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and other cities, albeit their identities have not yet been disclosed.

Expectations from Drink Masters

It is anticipated that the next reality television series “Drink Masters” will follow the format of a reality television competition. Twelve participants will be seen participating in the competition, and they will be selected from New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and other locations.

They will compete in a vast kitchen set containing a speciality bar, various bar utensils, and some incredible booze bottles. The audience will be able to observe two judges named Frankie Solarik and Julie Reiner, who will evaluate the contestants’ cocktails based on presentation style, unique concepts, flavour, and interesting flavour combinations.

Drink Masters Offical Trailer