Drifters Season 2: Release Date Plot, Cast, And Many More


2021 is already here and I still can’t believe that I have wholly, Completely survived 2020. The year 2020 was a hella rollercoaster for all of us and Congratulations to everyone who have successfully made it into this year. To be honest, the time of lockdown was hard for me and if there was no anime then I don’t know how I would have passed my time. Through watching endless anime series during the lockdown, I came across Drifters. If you are new to this series then don’t worry because in this article I am going to make a complete summary of it. 

From characters to the storyline, we’ll be discussing everything. So if you are interested to know it then stay connected. 


Drifters – What do I need to know?

Like all the anime, this one is also taken from a manga series that shares the same name. The popular manga story was written by Kouta Hirano and at the same time, he illustrated it too. The manga version was published on April 30, 2009, and it got hits immensely. Because of it, on October 7, 2016, the anime version was also aired to the people.

A fantasy anime that follows the main root of Japanese culture. The show aired till December 2016 and then finished in the ending making people believe that there will be season 2. The second season of drifters was already renewed as soon as season 1 finished but after that there was nothing. All the fans were excited to hear that season 2 was coming but when? They don’t know.


Drifters Season 2 – Is it going to happen?

In 2016, all the fans of drifters were blessed with the news that season 2 was soon going to come. In an official statement by the studio, it was clearly mentioned that drifters will be back with the second season. It's been almost 5 years since we last heard about the renewal news of drifters. There is no news about the production of the anime. Neither they are developing the show nor they are giving any statements. The fire of the second installment is getting dim day by day. 

The last episode of season 1 ended with a note which says, “To be continued. See you again. Tokyo 20XX”. By this message we can conclude that season 2 will be primed any time before 2100, just kidding. But on a serious note, the second season of drifters can happen at any time. But the one thing is clear season 2 will surely going to happen. 

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Moreover, if there will be any update regarding the drifters season 2 then we’ll inform you for sure. Keep this page as your bookmark. 

Drifters Season 2 – When it is going to release?

Drifters Season 2

As of now, there is no release date for drifters. The studio has only confirmed season 2 but after that there is nothing. There is no news regarding the development of the series. We don’t think that even the production has started.

The main reason behind this would be the insufficient amount of storyline. The original manga has 6 volumes and 4 of them have already been used in season 1. Now there are only 2 Volumes left to use. I personally think that no one can make another season with only 2 volumes. The production of season 2 will start only when the writer will come up with more storylines. Until then we just have to wait. 

Drifters Season 2 – Who are the Characters of this anime?

Drifters Season 2

Let’s take a look at the main cast of this anime. If you are someone who hasn't watched this series before then this is important for you. Read about these characters to have a broader knowledge of the show. 

Shimazu Toyohisa 

Starting the list with the main character of this anime is Shimazu. Many of you are unaware of the fact that this one is a real character. Shimazu is based on a real-life fighter who shares the same name. He was a farmed samurai fighter who belongs to japan. The writer of this manga series was greatly inspired by his works and thought of making him the main protagonist of his story.

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In the anime, you’ll see him as an excellent and clever guy. Living his normal life, he accidentally teleported into an unknown world. The ruler of this world was a mindless tranny and he became a drifter who was responsible to save the world. 

Nobunaga Oda

Another drifter and one of their friends Shimazu. He is so powerful and can give you goosebumps sometimes. He is also known as the “Powerful warlord” in the anime. After Shimazu, he is the main character in the anime. This character will make you fall for himself. And here the saying will go right, “Second lead characters are the best”. 

Yoichi Suketaka Nasu

A 19-year-old teenage boy who likes every other character became a drifter accidentally. He is also one of the allies of Nobunaga and Shimazu. He is also one of the famous Japanese samurai and the character of Yochi is based on him. Yoichi is good at archery and you’ll be amazed by his capability to fight. One of his best moments of him is when he finishes all the enemies through his archery. 

Where can I watch Drifters in the English sub?

If you want to watch Drifters with English subtitles then don’t worry because they are available. Not only this but they come along with English dubs. Go and check out drifters in Funimation. 

Drifters Season 2 – What is the storyline of this series?

The storyline of drifters mainly focuses on the main protagonist of this story, Shimazu Toyohisa. He gets teleported to another world that is quite different from his world. This world is quite different from his world. Shimazu Toyohisa belongs to the middle-age world which isn’t much advanced. While the teleported world is much more high-tech. The new world has different creatures like fantastic beasts and other people. Soon he finds out that the new place has a lot of enemies and he has to save this world. He also met with several other people who later joined him and made a superhero-kind group.

Regarding the second season, there is nothing officially announced yet. We don’t know how the story will turn out and what will happen. There is no spoiler released by any organization. 

If we’ll find anything regarding it, we’ll surely update you. 


Drifters is a Japanese anime series, which was released back in 2016. The show was already renewed for its second season back in 2016 but there is nothing much about it. The production of season 2 hasn’t started yet. We don’t have any official statements about this series.