Dragon Maid Season 2: Is Kobayashi And Tohru Dating? 2021 Updates

dragon maid season 2

Disclosing the formal Twitter Account of Dragon Maid, we perceive that there will be season 2( announced officially). The very first season is on our tables since January 2017. The series is available on the FUNIMATION! in dubbed versions.

The story focuses on two main characters, I don’t think there is a need to tell you the names if you are a true Dragon’s fan?

Talking about both Kobayashi in a little brief, then we will jump onto next season to reveal the surprising news.

The story of a young woman(dragon), who is very beautiful having red bright hair. She used to make a ponytail. Her figure makes her a bit upset, everybody used to call her flat chest or flat chester.

“Fun fact: Tohru’s 69000000 years old in some spin-offs.”

The dragon world has a number of characters in it but I know you must be wondering about some new characters, isn’t it? We have covered that too, but first, let’s talk regarding the release date.

dragon maid season 2

Release Date-Dragon Maid Season 2

This dragon’s drama is scheduled to be released in the summers of the same year. We could expect the series in front of us in July 2021.

Things To Note: The second installment is titled Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S. Wondering why the “S” is added in the last? It simply means “Super Supreme Second life Starts.”.

The best thing about the series this time, it will be produced by Kyoto Animation.

Characters of Dragon Maid Season 2

There is no exact list of the voice actors are revealed yet. However, we could expect the old central stated ones to come again together this time too. Rather than this Theme songs and music are also on the pending list.

Expected Plotlines For The Dragon Maid Season 2

The development of the Dragon Maid’s 2 will start from a mysterious brand new dark chapter and of course with some new dragon are going to land in this dragon land. This time the story is not going to be boring like a 9-5 job, this time there will be plenty of light entertainment and slap-stick.

We could expect to see mountains, which are specially designed for the Maids. A landslide destroyed the beautiful locality where the Dragonkinds lives, the same location where the Love Birds, Kobayshu and Tohru Met.

This is all, we could say about the plotline of season 2, when we get the master plan plot by the creators, then we will update the relevant information in a similar post. Till then stay tuned with us at keeperfacts.com for the latest ongoing and upcoming web series, trends, and updates.

Is There Any Trailer For The Dragon Maid Season 2?

At this time we don’t have the trailer, we could expect it in the same month of the dispatching of the series( July 2021). We have uploaded a mind-blown fan-made video, just for you guys. Enjoy and tell us, what do you expect from season 2?

Users Excitement On Season 2

“I only started watching it around a few months ago and when I found out the company that made it had a fire and almost everybody had died it broke my heart. I’m happy to see that Kyoto animations are overcoming the fire to make amazing anime once again.”

“This..does put a smile on my face.”

“Tohru and kana attack Kobayashi protect But most importantly There coming back.”

“It’s finally, finally happening!!!” ~Bill Cipher 2015

Since the director’s death (may he rest In peace), I thought we would never get a second season…… but here it is :’)

07 Fan-favorite Lines From The Dragon Maid

“Knowing you’re different is only the beginning. If you accept these differences you’ll be able to get past them and grow even closer.” – Miss Kobayashi

“I wonder what I was like before…I’ve already forgotten.” – Miss Kobayashi

“You’ll never get anywhere if you can’t compromise.” – Miss Kobayashi

“It’s a simple fact of life that human society is built on giving and take.” –

“What each of us hates is someone being too noisy when we want some peace and quiet.”

“You would voice your desires without shame? Very well. You are truly human.”

“I’ll achieve my desires myself.”

Terminal Words

The above article is completely inspired by the Dragon Maid Season 2. There will be season 2 in July 2021, we don’t have the exact release date at this point in time. When we get the latest updates, we would love to refurbish the relevant information in this post.

If you have any query then ask us directly at our mails or in the comment section. Also share this with the ones, who are waiting for season 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we can watch the Dragon Maid Season 2?

You can watch the previous season on Funimation and for season 2 you need to wait once the series airs, it will be available to stream online on Funimation or Netflix.

Is Kobayashi and Tohru are girls?

Yes, both are girls. Kobayashi is a young beautiful woman having bright red hair with a flat zero figure chest whereas Tohru, who is also a girl fell in love with Kobayashi.

Is Dragon Maid available on Netflix?

It is confirmed that the Dragon Maid is available on Netflix.


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