Netflix Has Announce About Dragon Age: Absolution Releasing: Check Updates About Series


Dragon Age: Absolution is getting its own Netflix animated series. Dragon Age: Absolution was just revealed, and the new anime based on BioWare's popular gaming brand will be available on a streaming service later this year. The new anime was unveiled on the final day of Netflix Geeked Week when the show's first teaser was released. Dragon Age: Absolution adds several new, never-before-seen characters, and the teaser promises a great deal of intense combat.

Dragon Age: Absolution Release date


Dragon Age: Absolution Release Date

The release date for Dragon Age: Absolution on Netflix is December 2022. Although a precise release date has not been announced, the teaser reveals that window. Once a specific release date is announced, we will update the article accordingly.

About Dragon Age: Absolution


Bioware's Dragon Age is essentially a license for a medieval-themed dark fantasy computer game. The first follows a new “Gray Warden” recruit's journey. His purpose is to save the Ferelden kingdom. Each game has its protagonist, and fans eagerly await the fourth opus. The anime should be self-contained so that Dragon Age gamers can explore another portion of this universe while Netflix members can begin without having experienced the video game epic.

What is Dragon Age: Absolution's Plot?

At the time of writing, very little is known about the plot of Dragon Age: Absolution; nevertheless, the story's setting is known. The Tevinter Imperium will be depicted for the first time in the history of Dragon Age. In computer games, the Tevinter Imperium has only been mentioned by name, thus a first glance at the ancient human empire will be a must-see for many Dragon Age aficionados.

Dragon Age: Absolution Release date

According to Netflix, the series “features a cast of new characters inspired by Dragon Age lore” that includes “elves, magicians, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons, and other special surprises.” Once we have more information regarding the plot of Dragon Age: Absolution, we will update the synopsis with all pertinent details.

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Who are the Characters of the show?

Dragon Age: Absolution promises new characters “inspired by and true to Dragon Age lore,” including elves, magicians, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons, and other surprises. We witness a qunari magician in action, controlling fire. Whoever she is, we can infer she is Tal-Vashoth, which means she has abandoned the rigid lifestyle of her people. Traditional qunari are known to severely bind and maim mages to gain control over them, however, this particular qunari appears to be relatively free.

Dragon Age: Absolution Release date

In addition to the qunari, we also see brief glimpses of who we can assume to be our new set of protagonists. We are presented with what appears to be a conventional roster of wizards, rogues, and warriors. There may be a dwarf among them, but the majority of them seem to be humans. Netflix will need to release additional trailers or screencaps to confirm this.

Who is the Creatives of Dragon Age: Absolution?

The majority of the creatives are still unknown. However, its showrunner, Maigread Scott, has previously been disclosed. He is well-known for writing various animated shows, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars Resistance. On the production side, Red Dog Culture, who previously oversaw The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, is present.

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Dragon Age: Absolution is an anime series with six episodes. The cast of characters consists of elves, wizards, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons, and further surprises. The video game franchise has been honored with more than 130 Game of the Year accolades.