Drag Kids : Everything You Need To Know About The Series| Plotline| Cast And More


“Documentary movie and that too with a lot of uniqueness”  

The Drag Kids is based on a LGBTQ Canadian documentary film, and it is directed by Megan Wennberg and this movie came out on April 28 2019. 


The Cinematography is done by Paul McCurdy and starring Queen Lactatia , Lady GaGa , Suzan Bee Anthony and Bracken Hanke.

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How can you define a Drag kid?


A drag queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes. Historically, most drag queens have been men dressing as women. The same is applied to the kids.

Can kids be drag queens?

It's normal at any age for boys to dress up as princesses or queens and girls in male superhero outfits, there is no age bar for anyone to perform.

Where were drag kids filmed?

The documentary was filmed in Fierté Montréal in 2018.


Drag Kids

Drag is an art form of performance, expression and entertainment. This art form is breaking the restrictions and barriers made by society on it and doing the unexpected. Drag Kids is the documentary on these kids, Stephan, Nemis, Bracken and Jason who are all different kids living in different parts of the world but they met each other because of their love for drag. 

Fiery Stephan, who is a 9 years old kid playing as Lady Gaga. He lives in British expat family in the south of Spain. It's where he had always performed but the love couldn't be limited till there so he started performing in tourist restaurants. Shy Jason, who is a 11 year old kid playing as Suzan Bee Anthony. He lives in the US Bible Belt where his family used to perform in protection of family and that let him blossom greatly.

Precocious Bracken, who is 11 year old. She is struggling to get accepted as  “hyper-queen”.  She is waiting to get connected to the 19 plus world drag shows. Nemis, who is a 9 year old kid playing as Queen Lactatia. He lives in Montreal and with the help of his “mom-manager”, he truly touched the sky from selling his merch in markets and local stores to judging vogue ball shows in bars.

The documentary is all about these 4 kids who have never met each other, how to come together to perform a successful show after all the challenges, like deep isolation, struggle to claim a place of their own and making the Montreal Pride show a success.


Drag Kids

  •  Olivia Bailey as Jason’s Sister
  •  Trinity Bailey as Jason’s Sister 
  •  Victoria Bailey-Kerr as Jason’s Mother
  •  Nemis Quinn Melan as Drag Artist 
  •  Bracken Hanke as Hyper Queen 
  •  Dominique Hanke as Bracken’s Mother
  •  Gregory Kerr as Jason’s Dad
  •  Jason Kerr as Drag Artist

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Drag Kids – Official Trailer

We have mentioned the official trailer of Drag Kids, watch it and treasure your recollections with us. Just watch the trailer given below.


Drag Kids , Reviews 2019 film


This is ridiculous. At one point the mom says that people thinking this is sexualizing children is not true. Then next scene…..boom in a gay bar with adult males in dog masks, leather massless underwear and all that….how is this appropriate. 

Audience Reviews: 5.1 out of 10.

Where Can We Stream Drag Kids ?

If you want to watch Drag Kids, then you can simply watch it on Amazon Prime , Hulu . Rather than this, I don’t think there are such good platforms to stream the movie.

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