Dracula Untold Was Supposed To Have Sequel | Where Is It?

Dracula Untold
  1. Are you a big fan of movies? Have you spent all of your lockdowns watching web series and movies? Movies like Twilight saga and Vampire diaries are some of your favorite and you can’t stop thinking about them?

If they are, then there is no doubt for you to not love Dracula Untold and vampire kind of movies. Well, we can’t say anything because they are so good and they’ll even turn a non-movie watcher to watch them. Sometimes I think that Vampire and Dracula should titled as a Genre! NO they are more superior than these.

Like what they don’t have? They have everything from romance to action and how can we forget the storyline? If you thinks the same like me, then We are same Bro! ☺️

So, have you bored with all these same old movies? Then we have a Dracula Untold for you which is rumored to have a second part after so many years. Wanna know more Dracula stories?

Now, there will be two reasons of you being here. First is, you are definitely a fan of Dracula Untold and wanna know about it’s second Installment and second is you are new to this movie and desire to know about everything it. Whatever the reason is, we’ll clear your doubt in both the aspects.

Read this article till the end and know everything about this amazing movie Dracula Untold and it’s rumored second part.

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Dracula Untold – A Little Summary

Dracula Untold

This Movie is a Dark Fantasy Action drama movie which mainly focus on the theme of Dracula. And if you’re a Dracula and Vampire kind of movie lover then this movie rightly fits you.

The Director of this movie is Gary Shore and the writers of this movie are Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The story is taken from the old famous novel Dracula which was published in 1987. The author of the novel was a Irish man named Bram Stoker.

So, can you believe, 1987, umm…seems old right?🙄 So, this story was created before the time when shows like Twilight saga and even Hotel Transylvania actually came to known. And the fun fact to note here that this story have also a place named Transylvania. If you are interested to About the story then we’ll discuss that here too. Read the next section for it.

Dracula Untold – What is the plot of this movie?

The story follows the king named Vlad III who is main protagonist of this story. Like every other king, Vlad is also loved by his people. The story begins with him following his daily life routine which includes going to a big forest. While being there, he found a forbidden helmet which was actually own by their enemy.

Now, Vlad and his other companion thought that there are some people who are planning to attack on them and secretly spying on their kingdom’s Activities.

With this in mind, he decided to go on a old hill to find the enemy and thought to kill him before he transfer any Message to their Lord. As soon as they enter in the hill, there were no other person except Vlad and his soldiers.

Wait, Wait, Wait

There is one special person, Can you guess who? A VAMPIRE.

He attacked on them and we all know that for a normal person like them, it isn’t a possible task for them to kill a vampire. The vampire finish Vlad’s soldiers and goes to attack on him too. But luckily he goes a little backward where there was Sunlight.

Now, if you have seen any of the vampire movies you would have probably known about the relationship of Vampire and sunlight. To put it more simply, vampire are allergic to sunlight and will suffer till their last breath. And that’s how Vlad survive.

Vlad III & the priest

After returning to his homeland, he hurriedly went to a old priest and told him every single detail about all the happenings which take place in the hill and how a monster kills all his soldiers. For which, the priest answered that the monster was no one else but a Vampire himself and the reason why he killed his companion because he was hungry for blood.

The priest also added that the vampire once used to be a normal human but after getting influenced by a Demon he turned himself into a Vampire. And from that time till now, he is locked inside that hill. In order to get away from there, he have to find a man who he will influence and will later turn into a vampire. And by doing this, his soul will be free. Not only this but all of his powers will be transferred to the other person. But till now, he haven’t find a man like this.

Vlad, who was listening to all this carefully, told Priest that this all should kept as a secret and no other person should know about it. He said “Because if they’ll know about the monster there will be fear among the people.”

And now I remember a famous dialogue of Vlad here,

“It is also a blessing not to know anything”

Party in Transylvania

In the later story, there was a party going around in the Transylvania and in between, there entered a guy from the Enemy kingdom. He asks Vlad for the money and here I would like to inform you that the enemy country is Turkey. Every year they ask for money and in exchange of that they’ll promise to not attack the smaller kingdom like Transylvania. Now, Vlad agreed for the money thing but there is one other wish that makes him angry.

Introduction of Mehmed

The guy said that Mehmed (The king if Turkey) also want 1000 solider in the formation of a big army and his son included in that Army too. And these words hit Vlad and he burst in anger. He refuses the offer and ask him to talk privately with his king. The meeting happens and both the party refuses the decision.

Vlad and his son

After that Vlad decided to return his home but there he met with the soldiers of Mehmed who were trying to kidnap Vlad’s son. Vlad, who was in anger, kill every single Solider of Mehmed. And now it is decided to have a fight between these two. Vlad was aware of the fact that Mehmed’s army was hella big. And due to which he decided to turn himself into a Vampire. He goes to the old hill and put forward his wish of becoming vampire and freeing the old Vampire from his old curse. As you move forward to the story you’ll find a great plot and the ending was a cliffhanger. Fan’s wanted to know more about the Vlad and his son, which makes them demand for the sequel.

But it is really happening? In the next section we’ll clear your this doubt too.

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Dracula Untold 2 – Is it really happening?

Dracula Untold, which was initially released in 2014 was a great hit. The movie was produce in the budget if $70 Million and in return earn $215 Million. If you have watched the first part of this series i.e. Dracula Untold you would have known that there are much in this story left. We don’t wanna spoil the your movie but the last part was left in a cliffhanger. So, we can already guess by this that there’ll be a Sequel for sure. But things didn’t go as it was originally planned to be.

Moreover, the ending of Dracula Untold says,

“Let’s the Game begin”

Which makes the fans thinks that there is much to unfold. It was true that the Developers planned for a sequel of the Dracula Untold but with the making of ‘The Mummy’ I think the makers really forgets about the sequel.

But there is still a hope left since then. Nothing is officially confirmed yet but nothing is officially denied too. Keeping this and positivity in mind we hope to see the sequel soon.

For the Fan’s of Dracula Untold, We have a special post by our favorite Vlad III. He tweeted this 👇 in the year 2018.

Dracula Untold 2 – What would be the plot?

The Dracula Untold was end with the comeback of Vlad III and his son being the prince of Transylvania. Now, what would be the storyline of the second part? 🤔

Although, there is nothing Officially announced or there is no such leaks regarding the sequel but we know there will be more to this story.

As I already stated above that the movie revolves around Vampire so we might encounter more Powerful vampire other than Vlad III. There may be a huge fight between these two, which basically fits because of the Action nature of Dracula Untold.

Dracula Untold

Moreover, we know how Vlad’s wife, Minira, was killed in the first part What if she returns? Haha, no this is just an assumption by the fans but it would create a great storyline. Not only this but the fans also think that she might forget her husband and the second part will more like a Romantic then being all about Action and drama. Romantic movies are always in trend, so the Developers can pick up that lane too.

In the first part, the original Vampire transfer his powers to the Vlad and he do so because he want to save his family and his people from the attack of the enemy army.

What if the same happens with Vlad too? We all are aware that Vlad never wanted to turn himself into a Vampire in the first place. He do so just because the sake of his family and people and as now, everything is all right. Why he is still vampire?

These all are just the prediction and assumptions made by fans for part too and we don’t know whether they’ll be true or not.

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Dracula Untold 2 – Where is the official trailer?

There is no official Trailer uploaded in any platform. If you are looking to see the teaser video then I would like to inform you that it is also not uploaded. Nothing is officially released yet.

In the official trailer of Dracula Untold, Fan’s are spamming demanding the second part. Let’s take a look at some of these comments –

Garcia R. Diego“Since I watched this movie in cinema, I’ve been waiting for a sequel….I didn’t know it’s been so long, 6 years.

What an Underrated movie, it deserves a sequel.”

Lancester doesn’t approve“Even after 6 years I still hope that it becomes a sequel…Man it is too good to just become an Underrated, forgotten movie.”

Lord Fand Angus “Such an Underrated movie”

So there is no official trailer for the sequel of this movie but if you haven’t watched the first part yet, we have a Official trailer of it.


Famous Dialogue of this movie

This movie have some of the amazing dialogue. I have seen people using it as a motivational quotes too. If you’re someone who loves to read this type of dialogue then go ahead.

  • Why think separately of this life than the next, when one is born from the last? Time is always too short for those who need it, but for those who love, it lasts forever.
  • My father was a great man, a hero, so they say. But sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster.
  • Men do not fear swords…they fear monsters.
  • It’s not a child place to save his country.
  • Death cannot separate us, for one life is born from the other.
  • The Sultan is preparing for battle and requires 1,000 boys for his army including your son.
  • There is always a price for power.
  • Do you think you are alive because you can fight? You are alive because of what I did to save you.

Review of this movie

Rasta Bae

“Good movie, I’m a fan of vampires/superheroes and this was sort of a mix of both. Overall a much better movie then any movies coming out in 2018-19, save Avengers stuff. It did have its share of corny lines or cheesy moments and the ending was unnecessary and seemed kind of like they were setting up a sequel that the story most certainly doesn’t need. If you love “superpowers”, you’ll probably love this. And don’t listen to rotten tomatoes, they have been drunk since 2001.”

Thomas H Cullen

“Such an underrated movie. Dracula Untold has made my top 3 favorite vampire films, along with Blade and The Lost Boys. I really like that they fused Dracula’s origin story with Vlad the Impaler. From what I’ve heard, Bram Stoker never intended Dracula to be based on him, but they make it work great in this. If you’re a fan of vampires and the Dracula character, or if you’re just a horror fan in general, I’d say this is worth a watch.”

Diana Girard 

“Must watch if you are a vampire lore fan.

Sure, there are some studio involvement in the script that you can easily spot but overall the story is pretty good and action sequences are captivating enough. Luke evens acting is off the charts. All the other actors are doing convincing job. Pacing of the movie is good, overall runtime is shorter than you would expect, there are some unanswered questions (hoping for a sequel) in the movie.

Overall the movie is worth watching. “


Even though Dracula untold didn’t fulfill the need of the critics and gain lower rating but fans have something else to say about this show. Audience thinks that this movie is underrated and deserve more acknowledgement. Now, we don’t know whether there will be a sequel or not but all we can do now is to hope there’ll.

If there will be more updates in the news for Dracula untold. We’ll surely let you know and for that keep checking our website.


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