Dos And Don’ts On Video Conferencing For Employees

Video conference

As you know Working-from-home considers as the comfort zone offered by many institutes & offices nowadays. Some so many people are working from home. Free video conferencing options are beneficial for any company or organization as it costs low compared to office expenses. It provides you with communication between you & your employee through video conference. A new trend is going in every business remotely & we have to learn digital work. All meetings are moving online through video conferencing.

As the Remote Work is here to stay, we must understand the issue better and find ways to provide a conductive remote work environment for our colleagues. If you are the newbie in the experience of video conferencing, it will take time. It’s essential to educate Employes about video conference. I will explain everything to you all do’s & don’t’s of video conferencing.

The do’s & the don’ts on video conference

video conference

10. Make Sure You check your internet connection

internet connection

When you are attending video call the most awkward moment is the slow speed of your internet or any connectivity issue or any hardware problem. You have to do one thing when you are doing or attending a video call make sure your microphone speakers & headphones working properly & your internet speed supports the quality of video call and you can test that at Like Skype video call minimum speed for a video call is 4Mbps. When I come to testing Hardware many video conferencing apps will test your webcam speakers & microphone. 

9. You can Blur or change the background in a Video conference

video conference

When you are attending a video conference sometimes our room looks so messy we don’t have time to manage all the stuff. You don’t have an office at your home or you may not find a quiet space for video conference hide the background as we have features in Zoom. It allows you to a fun virtual background for your video. Microsoft teams & skype offer you a blur feature.

8. You have to Know when to video conference

Video conference is not for every work You have to make sure that your topic of discussion is appropriate. Remote training & longer conversations are the best for video conferences. Video conferencing is an essential component in this pandemic for business running.

7. Don’t delay the time of your video conference

When you are joining the mobile phone, the laptop checks your types of equipment for a better quality of the call. You have to check your browser before connecting to your camera correctly, microphones & speakers also. You can run a test. It will ensure that you can hear & see the users. One thing you should be aware of your video settings so that it cannot create any problem when you are doing a meeting.

6. Make your camera Position like there is no Distraction to other Participants

You have to set your camera in the proper position on the desktop when you are using a video conference. If the camera is pointed low on your face, it will be distracting for the audience. Your camera is stable & focused on your eye contact. It creates more engagement with other Participants & be sure for good lighting.

5. Appearance matters a lot in video conferencing

Suppose you are on a video call while on desktop or laptop dress appropriately if you are in office. When you are taking any meeting, it shows Professionalism to your employees. You have to aware of your background. The untidy work area creates a significant distraction.

4. Don’t do multitask during video meetings

When you are at a video conference, we always felt guilty during web conferences. Everyone’s intentions are on you. You can see who is checking their phone & sending a mail. It will create a distraction in the meeting. Do this when you are attending a video call turn off your phone, radio & close all the apps you are using before. Don’t eat & do personal things. These are all common offenses during a video conference. I have a list of so many activities that should avoid. You have to know how to do a video call with your employees.

3. Don’t talk when you are attending video calls

Everybody attending a video call has questions about the topic you are discussing in the meeting. It’s tough to grab the attention of everyone during the session. The best way in video conferencing to use your chat function. Your employees & you can submit your questions you want to ask in a meeting without interrupting anyone.

2. When You are not speaking, Keep your mic off

Whenever you are attending or taking a class at a video conference, keep your microphone mute. If you are not doing that, the call will stream the movement of your sound. While you are eating or are in another place like a coffee shop or home, the background noise is very distracting. Zoom users have the options tap to mute or unmute your microphone in a video conference.

1. Your main Fundamental Right is Privacy

When you are working from home that your private place, the boundaries & time are different, everybody can not attend the video call every time. Sometimes calls at different times not convenient for all. Everyone needs to respect the privacy of their employe.


Video conference is the future of every industry due to the pandemic every business is digital now. I define all the video conference checklist in this article. When you are doing the next video conference, make sure you go through this checklist & make your schedule according to this.


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