Don’t Breathe 2: Ending Explained and Much More!


The Don't Breathe 2 Ending was a twisted and a complicated emotional rollercoster and has lef a lot of questions unanswered, thus creating suspense. When Don’t Breathe released in 2016, it was made under $ 10 million and suddenly ended up earning much more. The box office collection was 16 times more than that and it ended up being a huge hit. The story was unique and had the right element of fear and a twisted sense of storytelling that gripped the audience and made the makers come up with a sequel.

In the ending of the first part, the audience were confirmed about the fact that The Blind Man (Norman) was not as innocent as he seemed when the movie began. In the beginning, he lost his daughter and also had burglars breaking into his house which was present in the abandoned streets of Detroit.


Don't Breathe 2 Ending

 This creates a sense of sympathy for the character but then it shows a very dark side of him. The woman who killed his daughter was locked up in his basement and he technically wanted to inseminate her in order to have another baby. 

In his own twisted way, he justified his actions by saying that he had given the woman an option. He told her she would be set free if she lets him impregnate her.


What Happens in Don’t Breathe 2?

In the sequel of the movie, The Blind Man does return and suddenly his character has been completely changed. From being a ruthless villain, he is now a savior. Don't Breathe 2 Ending has been very debatable and controversial among the audience.

Norman, played by Stephen Lang had found a small child who somehow survived. The story in the second part begins after an eight year gap. Norman is now living a family life with his adopted 11-year-old daughter. The little girl thinks he is her real father as Norman has filled her head with lies. 

He has told her that their house had burned and her mother died in that fire as he couldn’t save her. He teaches her survival and keeps her like a caged bird but that doesn’t mean he is not kind to her. He wanted a daughter and he got one.

The real father of Phoenix finally takes her and tells her that her mom was alive. He wants to now use his own daughter’s heart to save his wife. Phoenix is obviously unwilling and is later somehow saved by The Blind Man. 

What Does the Don't Breathe 2 Ending Mean?

The film ends with The Blind Man’s confession directed towards Phoenix. He admits that he is a rapist and he admits that he is a killer. Phoenix forgives him because at the end of it, he has been nice to her and he has saved her and now she wants to save him.

However, Phoenix keeps her name as Phoenix and shows loyalty towards Norman instead of her biological parents. This indicates that she hasn’t forgotten or detached herself from what Norman taught her and wants to live with those skills in spite of the fact that he was a flawed man who did lie to her. This shows that Phoenix does have affection for Norman and that somehow can lead to his redemption.

Name of the Movie  Don’t Breathe 2
Release Date  August 13, 2021
Producer Fede Alvariz
Budget $ 15 Million
Box Office Collection $ 47.2 Million

What Does the Post Credit Scene Mean?

In the post credit scene, we notice that the dog Norman had befriended is now licking his hand and as he does so, his hand twitches. The movie had ended with a deep wound in his chest and him lying lifeless in Phoenix’s arms but in the post credit scene, it seems obvious that he is coming for Don’t Breathe 3. 

This confirmation keeps the audience in anticipation for the next part of this amazing and intriguing horror genre film. The ending did have a deeper meaning. The fact that Norman says “I have been saved” when Phoenix says she would save him means that he just needed to confess and accept his mistakes and all the horrible things he has done.

Don't Breathe 2 Ending

By coming to terms with his errors instead of justifying them through tragedy, Norman somehow redeems himself in the eyes of the audience. The end is interesting because there is a dilemma that has been created. The fine line between good and bad has been blurred. There are gray areas and there must be an acceptance of that in a cinematic universe in order to tell stories of people.

What Message Does the Movie Send?

The movie indicates that we need to stop putting people in boxes. Just because someone has been evil in certain situations, doesn’t mean they have to be declared bad. Although, it remains open to interpretation. One can argue against it and say that certain crimes cannot be forgiven but it is up to the characters and not the audience but the filmmakers have smartly made controversy by initiating a debate among the moviegoers.

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