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Dollface Season 2 Release Date: What Will Happen in the Life of Tetrad Squad in Season 2?

Dollface season 2

Do you stream Hulu more than other streaming platforms? If, so then I know you have watched this tv-series named Dollface. Today we are going to cover a number of things regarding the upcoming sequel of the Dollface.

But make sure to read the article till the end, let's get started.

About: Dollface Season 2

Widely popular Hulu show, Dollface is an American Comedy-drama Tv series. The show is created by Jordan Weiss and produced by Melanie J. Elin and Michael Gray. It first hit the screen on November 15, 2019.

The series focuses on Jules Wisely, a young woman, who is getting back to her female friends after her boyfriend dumped her. The series ran for a total of 10 episodes and become globally popular.

Though Hulu has not revealed the viewership, it claimed that it the one of the most-watched new binge series. 

After a successful season 1, fans are desperate to have some more comedy in season 2. I know you want this too, well if so, then keep reading readers to more details about the show.

The Release Date of Dollface Season 2? When Will It Air?

Well, this is good news for fans. The creators renewed the series at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena back in January 2020. However, the global pandemic of coronavirus halted the shooting of the series. Therefore, we have to wait a little longer to watch it.

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It will likely hit the screen at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Don't worry! We will update here once Hulu announces the release date. 

The Cast of Dollface Season 2

The creators have put the cast of Dollface season 2 under the wraps. Nevertheless, the main character will return, which includes-

We also see some recurring character which includes-

Moreover, We hope to see some new characters in the show again. When we get something fresh about this, we will update something more in this post but don't forget to bookmark us.

The Plot for Dollface Season 2? What to Expect From It?

In season 1, we saw Jules was so absorbed in her relationship with Jeremy that she broke all the bonds with other people. However, she broke down when his boyfriend broke their five years relationship. That made the girl cry.

But soon, a cat woman advised her to connect with her old friends and revive their relationship again. Accordingly, she connected with her college best friends Madisons and Stella and her college Izzy Levine. They sooner became besties.

The creators are tight-lipped about the plot of season 2. But we assume season 2 will pick up from where season 1 ends. In the final episode, four girls went to Ramona's wedding in Mexico. They encounter Colin and Celeste there. Jules angrily took the mike and announced Colin was a cheater.

Is there any trailer available for Dollface season 2?

There is no trailer at this time, but we hope to get the trailer soon. As stated above, the series is likely to come in 2021, which means we don't have to wait for more for the “Official Teaser”.

When we get the official one, we will update the same here. Till then enjoy this fan-made version. 

More Questions

Where can we watch the Dollface series?

Currently, it is streaming on Hulu to watch. You can also watch it on Amazon prime video.

From where did the series adopts the name Dollface?

This is the story of Kate Dennings, whose ex-boyfriend used to call her. He usually calls Katte with a unique name Dollface, maybe he admires her so much.

Final Verdict

The dollface series will make you laugh. It is well-written and efficiently directed. The series depicts the common problems women face after breaking a relationship. Few fellowship lessons will be imbibed in you.

Dollface is not intense but more on the lighter side. Some critics thought it to be a feminist show and focus on feminism. Well, it is not so.

What are your views about the series? Tell me your expectations from season 2 in the comment section.

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