Dog Gone Netflix Movie Genuine Review!

The universal appeal of dog-themed cinema is undeniable. The best protagonists often feature dogs because they’re so endearing and simple to cheer for. Dog Gone embraces this premise by telling the story of a child named Fielding Marshall and his lovable dog named Gonker.

The film follows the couple as well as Fielding’s parents, John and Ginny, and is based loosely on a true incident. When Gonker suddenly disappears, the Marshalls throw themselves into their search. While Fielding and John head out onto the Appalachian Trail to look for him, Ginny is in charge of spreading the story back at home. It’s also an opportunity for Fielding and his father to mend their strained relationship and spend quality time together.

Dog Gone Netflix Movie Genuine Review

Despite some charming elements, the story as a whole feels too familiar, like you’ve seen it before in some form or another. General cliches, feelings connected with a strong animal-human tie, and a strained father-son relationship put to the test as a result of these occurrences are all somewhat expected. Still, the cast does a respectable job given the constraints.

Dog Gone Review

First, we see Fielding (Johnny Berchtold) in his undergraduate days at the start of Dog Gone. Although he is a likeable individual, he is uncertain about his future. He randomly decides to acquire a puppy after his breakup. Having a pet is a big commitment, and his best buddy points out that he doesn’t seem to have the kind of responsibility or commitment necessary for it.

He disregards the recommendation. As a result of his enthusiastic gonking of Fielding on the chin at a house party, the Labrador retriever puppy is given the name Gonker.

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As the months pass, the pair can’t seem to tear themselves away from one another. When they came to see him graduate, his parents were shocked to learn that he had taken in a dog. John, his father (Rob Lowe), grills him on his future endeavours. Fielding, still trying to figure things out, returns home with Gonker.

Mom instantly warms up to Gonker since he reminds her of her old dog. Fielding believes that Gonker is the only person who recognises him for who he is, and this belief is bolstered by the fact that his parents no longer have any faith in him.

Doctors advise the family that the dog’s monthly prescription is crucial to his survival after diagnosing Addison’s disease. Until Fielding’s closest friend shows there, everything is going swimmingly. Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Gonker becomes distracted by a fox and doesn’t come back despite the group’s repeated appeals.

Dog Gone Review

Does the Movie Have Emotional Aspect?

Some of the most touching scenes in Dog Gone are meant to make you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as you would around a furry buddy who shows nothing but affection. And that could be enough for a pet parent or animal lover to see the movie. The one and only flaw is that it sounds too easy.

There have been many other animal rescue initiatives before this one, and it doesn’t stand out in any way. There are supplementary details that round out the main story. For instance, a father and son may have a tense relationship, and the father may seek to learn more about his kid in order to eliminate any biases he may have held.

And Ginny (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) going back in time to her troubled youth, where her puppy is the one positive memory she has. Certainly, these illustrations are meant to bolster the text, yet they are handled merely adequately.

We get that it’s based on real events, but we think there were several ways the story could have been improved for a more dramatic effect. In order to present a more interesting story, it is necessary to slightly embellish the truth. Aww, look at those two and their unbreakable bond! scenes can only take a story so far. More complexity would have increased interest.

Dog Gone Review

Because of the importance of Fielding’s problems (his desire for parental acceptance, understanding, and respect), John must look deep within himself to make sense of his son’s out-of-the-ordinary decisions. They make for interesting company in a good situation when they meet young adults out camping.

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Was Fielding Able to Discuss Her Problems?

The fact that Fielding is unable to discuss his health issues with his family is also a plus for Dog Gone. The complicated parent-child connection is treated quite simply, with the exception of the aforementioned cases.

Even after Gonker, full of hope, has dashed off into the woods to begin a thorough search, optimism remains high. For the sake of Fielding and his wife, John guarantees that the dog will be located. In the darkest of times, he still answers, “Because I believe it,” when asked how he can be so certain.

Flyers and social media posts kick off the effort, which swiftly draws the attention of news outlets, state rangers, police departments, animal rescue organisations, and concerned citizens from all over the world. When man’s best buddy goes missing, it’s comforting to know that he may turn to his fellow man for help.

Dog Gone Review

Dog Gone, all things considered, should have been a stronger showing. This film has some genuine feel-good moments, but it could have been above-average if the script had been less cliche. Maybe not many people would watch it only to see a bouncy dog run frantically towards you (and hope for his quick rescue). No more than one viewing, at the most. And a very possible one at that.

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Should You Stream It?

In many aspects, Dog Gone is a cheesy and sappy film, but it’s also a nice family film. Some younger viewers may be put off by the subject matter, which involves the disappearance of a much-loved pet, and by the somewhat shocking scene in which Fielding vomits blood due to his illness.

The cheesiness of the movie is mitigated by the overall warmth and positivity of the message, making even the sappy parts feel more like a comforting embrace than a cheeseball joke. So in our opinion you should stream it.