Does Tommy Die in The Last Of Us?


In the world of HBO's The Last of Us, no one is safe because the people who haven't been killed by the Cordyceps fungus have to deal with the terrifying thought of the truly horrible people who are still alive.

After the opening prologue, the show jumps ahead 20 years to show that Joel and his brother Tommy are no longer together and that Joel is starting to worry about what happened to Tommy.


This is because Tommy hasn't answered Joel's last message in three weeks, and Joel's worry is made worse when the radio operator says that life outside the quarantine zones is dangerous.

Unsurprisingly, Joel's worry about his brother has spread to the audience, and many people are now wondering if Tommy dies or not in The Last of Us.

What Happens to Tommy in The Last of Us?


In the game, Joel gets Ellie to The Fireflies so that they can make a cure. But when he finds out that they plan to kill her, he saves her and takes her back to Tommy and Maria's village.

When they got back, Joel and Tommy got close again, and they often patrolled the area together. One night, the two brothers save a girl named Abby Anderson from a group of infected people. Abby brings the two people back to her friends, who offer them shelter at their camp.

After they have told everyone in Abby's group who they are, Joel realises that they already know who the Miller siblings are.

After shooting Joel in the leg, Abby says that this is true. Then she leads him to a wall and begs him to figure out who she is. Abby is the daughter of one of the doctors who was planning to kill Ellie. To stop this from happening, Joel kills her father to stop The Fireflies from doing what they were planning to do.

Does Tommy Die in The Last Of Us

Ellie finds Abby beating Joel with a golf club in the end. But while she was trying to help, Abby's team held her back, and Joel was killed.

Tommy makes a promise to find and kill the woman who killed his brother, leaving his wife Maria behind. When Tommy finally finds Abby, though, he is shot in the leg and then in the head. This bullet doesn't kill him, but it makes him blind in one eye and makes it hard for him to move. He goes back to his wife, but after being angry and feeling guilty for months, they decide to spend some time apart.

After leaving Ellie for a while, Tommy goes back to find her and tells her to get the revenge he used to want. Tommy rides away on a horse when Ellie says no, but Ellie does decide to listen to him in the end. This is the last time the game shows us, Tommy Miller.

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Does Tommy Die in The Last Of Us?

Tommy doesn't die in The Last of Us, at least not in the video game. Tommy lives through the events of the first Last of Us game and is a key character in the second game.

It's possible, though, that the horror series will take Tommy's character in a different direction, and he may die saving his older brother and adopted niece from the infected or a bad group of hunters.

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