Do You Have Any Idea Who is Victoria Pedretti Dating?

Love Quinn, a beloved character played by one of our favorite Netflix actors, bowed out with grace in the third season of You. Victoria Pedretti has already appeared in some of our favorite horror series while being only 27 years old, proving that she is an actress worth watching.

Pedretti’s career is still in its infancy, and we cannot wait to cheer for her in all of her future endeavors! And when the first episode of You season 4 premieres this week, her absence will be keenly missed. If you’re curious about the actress’ romantic life, you’ve come to the correct place. She is in a relationship, yes. Is she wedded?

Who is Victoria Pedretti Dating?

The October 2022 rumor that she was dating her co-star on the Netflix show, Dylan Arnold, sent you all into a frenzy. As soon as the two actors were sighted spending time together, the rumors were confirmed. That was nearly a year ago, however. Are they together to this day?

The two were spotted on Instagram this past summer through a mutual friend’s profile, smiling cheek-to-cheek with others. In November 2022, they appeared in a video singing karaoke with pals, and in January 2023, they were pictured together in West Hollywood. Due to the recency of their previous sighting, we can presume that Pedretti and Arnold are still dating.

Do You Have Any Idea Who is Victoria Pedretti Dating?

Although she was once active on Instagram, the Netflix star today has only 11 posts and rarely gives fans a glimpse into her personal life. PopSugar stated in October 2020 that the Pennsylvania native had managed to keep her previous relationships prior to Arnold hidden. She has attended award ceremonies and red-carpet events by herself, and she has not posted about a boyfriend or girlfriend on social media.

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Who is Victoria Pederson?

Victoria Pedretti was born in Pennsylvania, United States, on March 23, 1995. Early in 2021, she disclosed in an interview that she was raised in an emotionally difficult household. However, she also stated that her parents do their best to raise and love her and that she loves them the most.

During her youth, she was diagnosed with ADHD. She displayed an interest in musical theatre in Fairless Hills. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh.

She received her diploma in 2017. She stated that she was advised against pursuing an acting career because they believed she was capable of directing.


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She is most recognized for her performance as Eleanor Nell Crain Vance in the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. She received praise for this performance and even received an award. She claimed in an interview that after portraying Dani, she felt comfortable handling horror characters in the series.

She auditioned for the character of Guinevere Beck in the thriller series “You,” but was refused. Nonetheless, she worked hard for the part, and when she portrayed Beck, she received widespread acclaim from fans. She portrayed Leslie

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What is She Best Known for?

Victoria Pedretti is an exceptional performer in every role she has played. However, she is most known for her roles as Nell in the Netflix horror series The Haunting of Hill House and Love Quinn in the series You. Victoria Pedretti’s performance in the short film Sole was likewise exceptional.