Do Love is Blind Contestants Get Paid? Know More Details!

Love Is Blind’s third season is almost here, and I was wondering how much someone would have to pay me to talk to a wall for ten days. I figured it wouldn’t be much, since Refinery29 said that the cast of Love Is Blind could ask for any snack to be sent to their pod and I’m highly motivated by snacks on demand. (Honestly, who isn’t?)

Love is Blind is a popular reality dating show on Netflix. The contestants are put in pods that were made just for them, and they can only communicate with each other by talking.

The show has been entertaining fans all over the world for three seasons, and on March 24, it will be back for a fourth. While you were watching the show, you may have wondered if the actors were getting paid, and if so, how much. What you need to know is listed below.

Do Love is Blind Contestants Get Paid?

Yes, contestants on Love is Blind do get paid, but rumour has it that it’s not a lot.

Women’s Health says that a source from the show said, “The people who take part in the show don’t get paid much, if at all. They really want to meet someone.”

Also, Jeremy Hartwell from Season 2 said in a lawsuit he filed in 2022 that contestants are paid $1,000 a week and up to $8,000 for the length of the show. People say that they worked seven days a week for up to 20 hours a day.

Do Love is Blind Contestants Get Paid

But it’s not clear how these numbers have changed since then.

On March 24, the first five episodes of Season 4 of Love is Blind will come out. New episodes will come out every Friday. Here, you can see the full schedule.

There will be a whole new group of single people on the show, and fans can’t wait to see who ends up with whom.

The Weekly Salary for the Show is $1,000

The contestants are paid little to nothing,” a show insider told Women’s Health. “They are genuinely looking for love!”

According to a lawsuit filed in July 2022 by season 2 contestant Jeremy Hartwell, the Netflix show pays $1,000 per week, up to $8,000 for the duration of filming the show, according to Us Weekly. The suit claimed that the production paid “less than half of the applicable minimum wage rate of $15.00 per hour” in California and that the cast worked up to 20 hours per week.

The Actors Often Pay for Their Own Weddings

According to a production spokeswoman, Love Is Blind couples in season one also paid for the bulk of their own weddings. “Of course, the production provides some of the basics, but because these are their real weddings, it’s up to them how they spend their money,” the rep previously told Women’s Health.

Do Love is Blind Contestants Get Paid

I’m not sure about the rest of Netflix, but knowing that the participants are only there to find love (unlike a particular show that rhymes with “The Machelor“) made me enjoy Love Is Blind even more.

Does “Love is Blind” Cover Travel Costs?

Every season, newly engaged couples embark on a romantic holiday before returning home. Seasons 1 and 2 were spent in Mexico, while Season 3 was spent in Malibu.

The expenditures of meals, transportation, and motels can quickly mount up. Fortunately, a source told Narcity that the production covers those costs, as well as the apartment the couples stay in following the trip.

How Does ‘Love Is Blind’ Recruit Contestants?

When asked if contestants for the Love Is Blind audition, Coelen stated that they have a “casting department” that selects people who are sincerely committed to the experiment’s purpose. “We have a lot of experience with these types of presentations. We have an excellent casting department, and they contacted folks they thought would be genuinely interested in this type of commitment “He revealed.

He went on to say: “That, I believe, is critical; we want people who aren’t just looking for attention. There are lots of places for folks who wish to do things for attention. We wanted to work with folks who were genuinely interested in it.”

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