Do Joe and Kate Become Got Together in You Season 4 Part 1?

The premiere episode of You season 4 is now available on Netflix, and as expected, everyone is watching the new episodes. This season, Joe’s primary objective is to begin a fresh life in London without distractions. But can a man with a history of fawning over every gorgeous lady he encounters truly resist temptation?

While living in London, Joe is surrounded by an elite group of pals who have known each other since college. Kate Galvin, a director of an art gallery and Joe’s neighbor, is the first member of his social circle to grab his attention.

However, Kate does not give Joe any consideration. In fact, she is immediately distrustful of him upon meeting him. She feels Joe is not who he appears to be and will do anything to prove it.

Do Joe and Kate end up together in You Season 4 Part 1?

However, the intense sexual tension between Joe and Kate causes them to engage in sexual activity twice. Kate shows Joe her and Malcolm’s secret garden place for the first time. She attempts to seduce Joe, who initially resists but ultimately yields.

In episode 4, they meet for the second time at Lady Phoebe’s country residence. They were on the verge of sleeping together at the beginning of the episode but decided against it. Eventually, their sexual tension overcomes them, and they sleep together later in the episode.

Do Joe and Kate Become Got Together in You Season 4 Part 1?

Later in the fourth episode, Kate reveals her deepest secret to Joe, who then offers her words of encouragement. Joe recognizes at this point that he is falling for Kate. Kate, judging by the expression on her face, is also beginning to develop feelings for Joe. However, due to the aim he has set for himself, Joe refuses to pursue Kate further.

Kate appears on Joe’s doorstep at the conclusion of the sixth episode to invite him out for drinks. But Joe understands Kate’s true motivation for inviting him out, so he declines. He rejects Kate since she already has too much information about him. Joe is aware that if he begins a relationship with Kate, his dark background will eventually be revealed.

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He informs Kate that he does not wish to harm her and that she does not wish to know the true him. Kate refuses to trust Joe and continues to try to persuade him that their relationship could work. But Joe rejects her one final time. Kate then walks away from Joe, angry and brokenhearted.

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When Did Joe First Meet Marriane?

Joe concluded Season 3 by hunting for his one true love, Paris. A sequence of flashbacks reveals that he eventually located her, likely a few weeks prior to the season’s primary events. The poor woman attempted to flee as soon as she noticed him, but Joe pursued her into an abandoned building.

When he understood how terrified she was of him, he did a rare act of kindness by releasing her. In addition to following her to the train station, he snatched her locket. Nevertheless, he permitted her to return to Paris to be with her daughter.

Do Joe and Kate Become Got Together in You Season 4 Part 1?

In vengeance for Love’s tragic death, the Quinn family’s fixer, Elliot, was dispatched to kill Joe. Elliot was prepared to be remunerated, and he even gave Joe documents identifying him as Jonathan Moore.

You Season 4 Part 1 Ending Explained

The midseason finale takes place in Lady Pheobe’s country estate. While Joe spent the majority of episode 4 suspecting Roald of being the Eat The Rich Killer, it is Roald who ultimately concludes that Joe is responsible for the murders of his pals.

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When Joe discloses his golden shower fetish to Lady Pheobe, which ultimately leads to their separation, Adam, who was previously friendly with our protagonist, turns completely against him.