Disneyland Ride Encourages the Dangerous Tiktok Trend of Unbuckling Seatbelts


In addition to humiliating many creators, it also resulted in some quite severe injuries. What are your thoughts on the blackout challenge? At least three deaths were associated with it. And if you're wondering how this youngster got a golf ball lodged in his large intestine, TikTok is the answer.

Now, a new do-not-attempt trend is trending on the network regarding the Disneyland attraction Guardians of the GalaxyMission: Breakout. Here are the particulars of the so-called Guardians of the Galaxy TikTok fad.


Disneyland Confirmed That He Implemented All the Possible Safety Measures for the Riders and They Will Take Care of It Further!

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! debuted in 2017 and is a reimagining of the legendary Tower of Terror attraction. Rocket joins forces with riders to rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy from the Collector's castle in this version. The 199-foot-tall attraction has six drops, including one in which the elevator doors open to provide a view of the park.


This Disneyland Ride Promotes the Hazardous Tiktok Trend of Unbuckling Seatbelts

This is not the first time that passengers have taken dangerous risks to increase their enjoyment on the ride. A tourist filmed himself riding Tower of Terror without a seatbelt at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

When you wait a long time to get on a ride — especially one inspired by Marvel's blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy film series — it's natural to want to make it as thrilling as possible, but you shouldn't sacrifice your safety to do so.

Riders on the Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout attraction have apparently been posting about loosening and/or unbuckling their seatbelts on TikTok. These individuals claim that without wearing a seatbelt permits them to acquire additional airtime during the greatest drops of the drop tower trip.

Since then, TikTok has removed the majority of these videos owing to safety concerns. Nonetheless, there is always the possibility that this pattern could reappear elsewhere.

Well, do All These Riders Do This Life Riskin Stunt Just for a Viral Trend, or is There Something Else That Promotes Make It? Let's Find Out!

This Disneyland Ride Promotes the Hazardous Tiktok Trend of Unbuckling Seatbelts

According to MiceChat, the park began posting more signage to discourage removal of seatbelts on February 21. “Maintain your seat belt tightly fastened and snug against your waist. Failure to comply with instructions may result in ejection from the park “Please read the updated notices.

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The Cast members are also taking further precautions to ensure riders are wearing their seatbelts properly. If they suspect a passenger is violating the rules, the ride will be stopped and security may be contacted.

Predictably, there were also instances of Tower of Terror riders attempting to enhance their experience by loosening their seatbelts. However, as seen in the preceding video, these riders were apprehended and the ride was terminated.