Disjointed Season 3 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?


Last updated on 30 January 2022.

Kathy Bates is all set to show up in season 3 of Disjointed. Well, here are details of the plot, cast, release date, trailer, and much more you need to know so far.


Warner's brother production and a Netflix original Disjointed is a comedy TV series. It is a creation of David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre. The series focuses on the journey of Ruth Whitefeather Feldman for the legalization of weed.

The series with 10 episodes first premiered on August 25, 2017, on Netflix. It became widely popular. Later 10 more episodes aired on January 12, 2018. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the third season. Well, below are all the updates regarding 3rd season.

The Cast of Disjointed Season 3. Who Will Be In It?


If Season 3 ever comes, the potential characters of the series will include the following-

Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeater Feldman, an activist for legalizing the weed

Aaron Moten as Travis Feldman, Ruth's son.

Tone Bell as Carter, the security guard;

Elizabeth Alderfer as Olivia, the interest of Travis and a budtender

Elizabeth as Jenny, another budtender.

Dougie Baldwin as Pete, the in-store producer

Betsy Sodaro as Deborah “Dabby” Shapiro, Ruth's customer;

Chriss Redd as Steve “Dank” Dankerson, Ruth's regular customer.

We will likely see the other characters as well.

The Plot of Disjointed Season 3. What To Expect From It?

The show set in the US and focuses on Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who was an activist. She struggled for a decade with the legalization of marijuana in the country. Eventually, she became successful and fulfilled her dream.

Later she opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles with the support of people around her. Given the situation of the time, it was hard to run the marijuana dispensary. Therefore, she employed his twenty-year-old sons, budtenders, and a security guard.

As the plot began to grow, we saw Ruth faced several obstacles and hardships. Her dispensary got into trouble because of the marijuana web shows hosts Dank and Dabby.

The problems for her kept increasing as she sold the weed and smoking pot to the minors by mistake. It also depicted the problem of the person due to the drugs like PTSD.

In season 3, we expect to see more challenges of Ruth and how she will overcome them.

The Release Date of Disjointed Season 3. Who Will be in it?

The second season premiered on January 12, 2018, but it did not receive a satisfactory response. It got harsh comments from the critics. The series is popular among the cannabis-centric audience and failed to reach the audience. Therefore Netflix canceled the series on On February 14, 2018. 

, Netflix canceled the Renewal of Disjointed Season 3 confirmed onto Tv Season Spoilers.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Disjointed Season 3?

No, the series has not renewed so far, so no question of the trailer arises. We will update here if any news comes regarding the trailer.

What Is the IMDB Rating of Disjointed Season 3?

The series got a mixed response from the viewers and only scored a mediocre rating of 6.3 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we watch the Disjointed series?

The series is Netflix original and currently streaming there to watch.

Series Disjointed Season 3
Release Date Cancelled
Network Netflix
Ratings 6.3
Seasons 2

Final Verdict

It is a weed oriented series and packed with laughter and struggles. It is one of the best Multicam sitcoms. The performance of the characters is ground-breaking. The story development is fabulous, and the dialogues are mindblowing. It is brilliant in every sense. It is a kind of threat to your eyes. However, few people do not like the laugh track.

If you have not watched it yet, give it a try.

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