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Last updated on 28 January 2022.

“Disenchanted” will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting Fall 2022. Disney's been chipping away at the “Enchanted” continuation starting around 2010, back when it had its eye on releasing the film one year later. From that point onward, nonetheless, the film found itself stuck in a difficult situation, with different writers getting on to write and re-write the script. And keeping in mind that it appeared as though “Disenchanted” was near the very edge of pawing right out of pre-production limbo in late 2016, it didn't secure an authority green-light until December 2020, when Disney affirmed the film was occurring at its Investors Day occasion.


It is conceivable, even possible, that booking was one more barrier for the continuation, seeing as Adams and her “Enchanted” co-stars have remained occupied since the film came out. That, and, obviously, changes to the dramatic scene, with hero, science fiction, and dream establishments assuming control over the multiplex during the 2010s, alongside the cabin business that is Disney's live-action remakes of its vivified films. With rom-coms being generally relegated to streaming services and film musicals seeing blended film industry achievement, it's no shock that Disney didn't see “Disenchanted” (a continuation of a musical rom-com) as a main concern during this period.

What We Think Disenchanted Will Be About



As indicated by its synopsis, “Disenchanted” will get in real-time (read: 15 years later) later the occasions of the first film, with Giselle and separation attorney Robert Philip living with their high school little girl, Morgan. Upon abandoning NYC for suburbia of Monroeville, Giselle “should juggle the difficulties that accompany a new home and find how joyfully at any point later really affects her and her new family.”

Well, the hopes are high as always and it is wishful that Disenchanted will successfully enhance on its predecessor's satire of fantasy while it delivers tunes and music numbers that are not only appealing but also match number to number from Enchanted. Nowadays, Disney ridiculing its outdated princess film equation is as tired a platitude as, indeed, the buzzwords it's taunting. We can be sure of one thing, i.e., it is for sure going to become a whole lot of trickier for Disenchanted to not rehash the prime movie's comedy or jokes and produce something which might be fresh and could hold some real good value. On the other hand, this could be where the continuation benefits from the drawn out break between films, permitting “Disenchanted” to parody Disney's princess adventures from the last decade as much as though (not more than) those from well over 50 years ago.

The Disenchanted will be in 2022, not yet released confirmed by IMDb. 

Disenchanted: All That We Know About the Cast and Crew


Good news for fans as we will again see Adams and Patrick Dempsey in their roles as Giselle and Robert for the continuation in Disenchanted, along with James Marsden and Idina Menzel returning as Prince Edward (Andalasia's himbo) and Edward's wife and Queen of Andalasia, Nancy Tremaine. It can be pretty obvious that Gabriella Baldacchino will be in the best efforts to assume control of Morgan's job for Disenchanted, along with having Jayma Mays, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Maya Rudolph balance out the cast in key roles.

Series Disenchanted
Release Date 2022
Trailer not yet
network Disney+

From what we know, Adam Shankman would be the man behind the direction of Disenchanted, along with Brigette Hales becoming the writer of the movie's latest script draft. Also, we witness the Disney Legend Alan Menken giving the music and melodies, just like he did on the original film. What's more assuming you think Disney is going to repeat the misstep of not having Broadway genius Menzel sing like the first film did (because of her one melody being cut) in a post-“Let It Go” world, rest assured, the “Enchanted” continuation will correct that oversight by giving her a bunch of tunes to perform.

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